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Journal of Information System Security (JISSec) [Entry Reviewed: 2018-02-20]
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The Journal of Information System Security (JISSec) is a unique and innovative peer reviewed publication of the Information Institute. The Journal views Information System Security in the broadest possible terms. While failure of technical systems and losses because of problems with technical control structures are clearly a cause of security breaches, the journal also considers misapplication of rules, inadequate policy formulations and other formal structural and administrative issues to be part of security. Besides, issues related to culture and regulatory controls are also considered relevant for publication in the journal. The JISSec mission is to significantly expand the domain of information system security research to a wide and eclectic audience of academics, consultants and executives who are involved in the management of security and generally maintaining the integrity of the business operations. JISSec publishes original research and comments about the art and science of managing security in organizations. Contributions are particularly welcome which analyze the results of interdisciplinary research and relate to the intersection of theory, method and empirical findings. Of interest will be manuscripts, which present the theoretical concepts related to security design, development and implementation. Case studies, results of experiments and review of leading technologies are also welcome. JISSec submissions are double blind refereed and provide a forum for high quality research, communication and debate on the subject of the information system security.  

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