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Online Journal of Bioinformatics (OJB) [Entry Reviewed: 2018-02-15]
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The Online Journal of Bioinformatics (OJB) founded in 1996, currently has 14 editorial members qualified in computational biology, biology, informatics and/or computer science. Submissions are reviewed by 3 editors or persons commissioned from another institution. The site consists of links to abstracts and full-text articles (subscribers). Published articles are permanently available, archived and/or updated. The journal is currently (March, 2002) a primary "bioinformatics journals" site on major search engines; consequently, OJB articles have been posted with highly relevant meta tags. The journal publishes only original research work in bioinformatics in full-text articles or short communications. OJB also publishes solicited or unsolicited review articles. A list of specific areas for publication is shown below:

  • Functional interfaces for genome and gene analysis.
  • Genomic visualization methods.
  • Development of software for high speed analysis of the genome.
  • Implementing and interfacing genomic and gene database mining and analysis.
  • Systems and algorithms for gene scanning, sequencing and analysis.
  • Proteomics
  • Bioinformatic formatting ( for example XML).
  • Methods to improve and facilitate statistical analysis of gene and genomic data
  • Interfacing protein structure analysis and prediction.
  • Molecular modelling and management of DNA libraries or models (ie Scalable data).
  • Systems to improve functionality to current DNA and protein databases.
  • Bioinformatics curriculae, courses and teaching methodology.
  • Medical/Health Informatics.

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