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Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) [Entry Reviewed: 2018-02-16]
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The Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) publishes empirical articles of interest to members of the Academy of Management. The fields and topics of interest to the Academy membership are reflected in the divisions and interest groups listed on the inside front cover of the Journal. All articles published in the AMJ must make a strong empirical contribution. Purely conceptual papers should be submitted to the Academy of Management Review. All empirical methods - including (but not limited to) qualitative, quantitative, field, laboratory or combination methods - are welcome. All articles published in the Journal must make a strong theoretical contribution as well. Manuscripts that are primarily applied in focus and that have managers - rather than management researchers - as their intended audience should be submitted to the Academy of Management Executive. Submissions should reflect a clear understanding of the position of the contribution in the related organization and management literatures. Methodological articles are welcome, but they must contain an accompanying theoretical contribution. All articles published in the AMJ must be clearly relevant to management theory and to management practice. The best submissions are those that identify both a compelling practical management issue and a strong theoretical framework for addressing it. Submissions whose authors stop short of considering the implications of their findings for management will be less favorably reviewed.

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