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Re: IS Journal Categorisation

Hi John:

Thanks for your effort in maintaining the IS Journals website.

The latest paper by Walstrom & Hardgrave (2001) categorized the IS and
IS-related journals as "Pure IS", "Hybrid IS", "Partial IS", and "Non-IS"
journals based on their survey results.  This appears to be a good
high-level categorization.  I am enclosing a copy of their paper for your

I like your idea of using keywords too and will send you a list of keywords
for the Journal of Database Management (JDM) shortly.  The keyword scheme,
however, might be difficult for journals which have very broad focus.

(See attached file: Walstrom-Hardgrave.pdf)

Keng Siau, Ph.D.
Journal of Database Management
Website: http://www.idea-group.com/journals