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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

2201: Applied Ethics

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
35399      Alternative Law Journal?1037-969X
124611      American Journal of Bioethics Primary Research2150-7716 2150-7724
200142      Animal Studies Journal2201-3008 2200-9140
40295      ARAM Periodical0959-4213 1783-1342
8331      Australian Journal of Professional and Applied Ethics1328-4576
8338      Bioethics0269-9702 1467-8519
40543      BioSocieties1745-8552 1745-8560
34988      BMC Medical Ethics1472-6939
8613      Business and Professional Ethics Journal0277-2027 1063-6579
8351      Business Ethics Quarterly1052-150X 2153-3326
11295      Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics0963-1801 1469-2147
17080      Criminal Justice Ethics0731-129X 1937-5948
17087      Criminology0011-1384 1745-9125
13487      Developing World Bioethics1471-8731 1471-8847
40758      Electronic Journal Of Business Ethics and Organization Studies1239-2685
8385      Environmental Ethics: an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the philosophical aspects of environmental problems0163-4275
30001      Ethical Space: the international journal of communication ethics1742-0105
6246      Ethics and Behavior1050-8422 1532-7019
20134      Ethics and Education1744-9642 1744-9650
124047      Ethics and Global Politics1654-4951 1654-6369
8393      Ethics and Information Technology1388-1957 1572-8439
8394      Ethics and International Affairs0892-6794 1747-7093
41007      Ethics and Social Welfare1749-6535 1749-6543
40085      Ethics Education: a journal for applied philosophy and ethics in the Christian tradition1444-8386
34950      Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics1611-8014 1863-5415
41131      Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics1173-2571
41759      Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric1835-6842
8427      Hastings Center Report0093-0334 1552-146X
123034      Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics1028-7825 2043-0469
123725      Humanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development2151-4364 2151-4372
37121      Interface: A Forum for Theology in the World1329-6264
40180      International Journal for Educational Integrity1833-2595
125261      International Journal for Responsible Employment Practices and Principles1946-6587 1946-6595
8449      International Journal of Applied Philosophy0739-098X
41893      International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics1937-4577 1937-4585
32114      International Review of Information Ethics1614-1687
20375      Journal of Academic Ethics1570-1727 1572-8544
34980      Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics1187-7863 1573-322X
8464      Journal of Applied Philosophy0264-3758 1468-5930
34943      Journal of Bioethical Inquiry1176-7529 1872-4353
12772      Journal of Buddhist Ethics1076-9005
8465      Journal of Business Ethics0167-4544 1573-0697
40122      Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics1556-2646 1556-2654
8470      Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy: online peer-reviewed journal of moral, political and legal philosophy1559-3061
37038      Journal of Global Ethics1744-9626 1744-9634
123420      Journal of Global Responsibility2041-2568 2041-2576
37126      Journal of Hospital Ethics1938-4920 1938-4955
30352      Journal of Information Ethics1061-9321 1941-2894
8477      Journal of Medical Ethics0306-6800
18886      Journal of Military Ethics: normative aspects of the use of military force1502-7570 1502-7589
8491      Journal of Moral Philosophy1740-4681 1745-5243
201117      Journal of Practical Ethics2051-655X
12803      Journal of Religious Ethics0384-9694 1467-9795
8483      Journal of Social Philosophy0047-2786 1467-9833
8490      Journal of Value Inquiry0022-5363 1573-0492
8501      Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal1054-6863 1086-3249
201254      McGill Journal of Law and Health (MJLH)
(aka Revue de droit et sante? de McGill (RDSM))
40599      Medical Humanities1468-215X 1473-4265
35548      Medical Law International0968-5332
8531      Monash Bioethics Review1321-2753 1836-6716
34934      NanoEthics: ethics for technologies that converge at the nanoscale1871-4757 1871-4765
36971      Neuroethics1874-5490 1874-5504
33657      New York University Journal of International Law and Politics0028-7873 1930-6237
13726      Nursing Ethics: an international journal for health care professionals0969-7330 1477-0989
8557      Philosophia0048-3893 1574-9274
35023      Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine1747-5341
37023      Public Health Ethics1754-9973 1754-9981
37167      Public Integrity1099-9922 1558-0989
124079      Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics2013-8393 2229-578X
41100      Refugee Survey Quarterly1020-4067 1471-695X
34970      Research Ethics1747-0161 2047-6094
40406      Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations1529-2096
36958      Science and Engineering Ethics1353-3452 1471-5546
11049      Social Justice Research0885-7466 1573-6725
8661      Social Theory and Practice: an international and interdisciplinary journal of social philosophy0037-802X
201512      South African Journal of Bioethics and Law1999-7639
35322      Sport, Ethics and Philosophy1751-1321 1751-133X
12947      Studies in Christian Ethics0953-9468 1745-5235
34922      Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology1941-6008
8302      The American Journal of Bioethics1526-5161 1536-0075
34942      The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics1073-1105 1748-720X
34964      The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy: a forum for bioethics and philosophy of medicine0360-5310 1744-5019
40720      Theology and Sexuality1355-8358 1745-5170
8681      Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics: philosophy of medical research and practice0166-2031 0167-9902 1386-7415 1573-1200
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