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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

22: Philosophy and Religious Studies

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
2044      Acta Biotheoretica0001-5342 1572-8358
6804      Antichthon: journal of ancient world studies0066-4774
12647      Australian Biblical Review0045-0308
12655      Biblica0006-0887
8339      Biology and Philosophy0169-3867 1572-8404
21227      Buddhist Studies Review0265-2897 1747-9681
39974      Business History0007-6791 1743-7938
39968      Childhood: a global journal of child research0907-5682 1461-7013
6984      Classical Quarterly0009-8388 1471-6844
18657      Cliometrica: journal of historical economics and econometric history1863-2505 1863-2513
123011      Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life1872-0218 1872-0226
44825      Distinktion1600-910X
40475      E-Logos: electronic journal for philosophy1211-0442
8386      Environmental Values0963-2719 1752-7015
11557      Eras1445-5218
35264      Ethics, Policy and Environment2155-0085 2155-0093 1366-879X
35482      Ethics: an international journal of social, political, and legal philosophy0014-1704 1539-297X
37042      Foucault Studies1832-5203
975      Foundations of Physics: an international journal devoted to the conceptual and fundamental theories of modern physics, biophysics, and cosmology0015-9018 0894-9875 1572-9516
35657      Historical Materialism: research in critical Marxist theory1465-4466 1569-206X
18667      History of Political Economy0018-2702 1527-1919
122839      Human Geography: a new radical journal1942-7786
7252      International Labor and Working-Class History0147-5479 1471-6445
35633      Jingji Yanjiu0577-9154
7297      Journal for the Study of Judaism0047-2212 1570-0631
12768      Journal for the Study of the Old Testament0309-0892 1476-6728
20600      Journal of Aesthetic Education0021-8510 1543-7809
40554      Journal of Hebrew Scriptures1203-1542
41840      Journal of Human Values0971-6858 1940-0314
33514      Journal of Law and Medicine1320-159X
18025      Journal of Logic and Computation0955-792X 1465-363X
41978      Journal of Religion, Spirituality and Aging: the interdisiplinary journal of practice, theory and applied research1050-2289 1552-8030 1552-8049
8495      Journal of Scottish Philosophy1479-6651 1755-2001
8489      Journal of the Philosophy of Sport0094-8705 1543-2939
11599      Literature and Aesthetics1036-9368 2200-0437
40542      Medicine Studies: an international journal for history, philosophy, and ethics of medicine and allied sciences1876-4533 1876-4541
8522      Metaphilosophy0026-1068 1467-9973
8528      Minds and Machines: journal for artificial intelligence, philosophy and cognitive sciences0924-6495 1572-8641
7442      Mnemosyne: a journal of classical studies0026-7074
18931      Organization: the interdisciplinary journal of organization, theory and society1350-5084 1461-7323
22039      Reflective Practice1462-3943 1470-1103
30179      Review of Symbolic Logic1755-0203 1755-0211
7597      Revue Biblique
(aka Revue Biblique)
36910      Scholia: studies in classical antiquity1018-9017
34717      Script and Print: bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand0084-7852 1834-9013
122937      South Asian Diaspora1943-8184 1943-8192
8667      Studia Logica: an international journal for symbolic logic0039-3215 1572-8730
125298      Tate Papers1753-9854
11460      The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory1530-5228
12872      The Pomegranate: the international journal of Pagan studies1528-0268 1743-1735
123066      The Reasoner1757-0522
34995      Theory and Decision: an international journal for multidisciplinary advances in decision sciences0040-5833 1573-7187
10950      Thesis Eleven: critical theory and historical sociology0725-5136 1461-7455
12984      Vetus Testamentum
(aka Vetus Testamentum)
0042-4935 1568-5330
40957      Viking and Medieval Scandinavia1782-7183
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