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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1905: Visual Arts and Crafts

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
10245      Ars Orientalis: the arts of Asia, Southeast Asia and Islam0571-1371
40167      Art and Australia0004-301X
9851      Art Bulletin0004-3079 1559-6478
10246      Art Bulletin of Victoria0066-7935
9853      Art History0141-6790 1467-8365
35708      Art Monthly Australia1033-4025
44716      Art Therapy0742-1656
35835      Artlink: Australian contemporary art quarterly0727-1239
9872      Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art0314-6464 1443-4318
9873      Australian Art Education1032-1942
20092      Australian Online Journal of Arts Education1833-1505
35730      Broadsheet0007-2044
6934      Burlington Magazine0007-6287
9901      Camera Obscura: a journal of feminism and film theory0270-5346 1529-1510
3867      Color Research and Application0361-2317 1520-6378
40514      Column1835-3487
124262      Contemporary Visual Art + Culture Broadsheet0819-677X
41654      craft + design enquiry1837-445X
125057      Craft Research Journal2040-4689 2040-4697
200335      Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty2040-4417 2040-4425
35962      emaj: electronic Melbourne art journal1835-6656
36166      Empirical Study of the Arts0276-2374 1541-4493
34543      Eyeline0818-8734
200537      Fusion2201-7208
9984      History of Photography0308-7298 2150-7295
123436      Images: a journal of Jewish art and visual culture1871-7993 1871-8000
35790      In Visible Culture: an electronic journal for visual culture1097-3710
9992      International Journal of Art and Design Education0260-9991 1476-8062 1476-8070
10377      International Journal of Art Therapy0264-7141 1745-4832 1745-4840
41135      International Journal of Comic Art1531-6793
10379      International Journal of Education and the Arts1529-8094
10380      International Journal of Education Through Art0268-2346 1743-5234
200880      Journal for Artistic Research2235-0225
200906      Journal of Artistic and Creative Education1832-0465
200952      Journal of Creative Technologies2230-2115
41179      Journal of Modern Craft1749-6772 1749-6780
7334      Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies1060-149X
201161      Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice2051-1787 2051-1795
10404      Journal of Visual Art Practice1358-0973 1470-2029 1758-9185
32149      Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation1047-3203 1095-9076
10035      Konsthistorisk Tidskrift0023-3609 1651-2294
124043      Leonardo Electronic Almanac1071-4391
10047      Master Drawings: devoted exclusively to the study and illustration of drawings0025-5025
10469      Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide1543-1002
10474      October0162-2870 1536-013X
10119      Oxford Art Journal0142-6540 1741-7287
10484      Papers of Surrealism1750-1954
10124      Performance Paradigm1832-5580
125046      Philosophy of Photography2040-3682 2040-3690
35842      Photofile0811-0859
35810      Photographies1754-0763 1754-0771
34820      Photography and Culture1751-4517 1751-4525
10139      Print Quarterly0265-8305
8239      Rock Art Research0813-0426
201488      Scope: Contemporary Research Topics (Art and Design)1177-5653 1177-5661
201529      Streetnotes2159-2926
10546      Studies in Art Education0039-3541
123028      Studies in Comics2040-3232 2040-3240
201539      Studio Research1839-6429
10193      Textile: the journal of cloth and culture1475-9756 1751-8350
39930      The International Journal of the Arts in Society1833-1866
35798      Third Text0952-8822 1475-5297
10573      Visual Arts Research0736-0770 2151-8009
201703      Visual Inquiry: learning and teaching art2045-5879 2045-5887
10214      Working Papers in Art and Design1466-4917
201723      World Art2150-0894 2150-0908
201745      Zoontechnica: the journal of redirective design1838-7047
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