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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1903: Journalism and Professional Writing

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
9255      American Journalism0882-1127
9198      Asia Pacific Media Educator1326-365X
21177      Asian Journal of Communication0129-2986 1742-0911
9202      Australian Journal of Communication0811-6202
45048      Australian Journalism Monographs1440-7922
9203      Australian Journalism Review0810-2686
9257      Communicare: Journal of Communication Sciences0259-0069
9206      Communication Monographs0038-7169 0363-7751 1479-5787
9207      Communication Research0093-6502 1552-3810
9208      Communication Theory1050-3293 1468-2885
9925      Convergence: international journal of adult education0010-8146
200375      Digital Journalism2167-082X 2167-0811
9216      Ecquid Novi: African journalism studies0256-0054 1942-0773
9217      Ejournalist1444-741X
20435      English for Specific Purposes0889-4906 1873-1937
200447      Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodistico1134-1629 1988-2696
30001      Ethical Space: the international journal of communication ethics1742-0105
9218      European Journal of Communication0267-3231 1460-3705
9221      Global Media Journal1550-7521
35350      International Journal of Communication1932-8036
9260      Issues in Writing: education, government, arts and humanities, business and industry, science and technology0897-0696
200878      JOMEC Journal2049-2340
200901      Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies2049-9531 2001-0818
9230      Journal of Communication0021-9916 1460-2466
200939      Journal of Communication Research
(aka ??????)
35859      Journal of Global Mass Communication1933-3218 1940-9281
34823      Journal of Mass Media Ethics: exploring questions of media morality0890-0523 1532-7728
34815      Journal of Radio and Audio Media1095-5046 1937-6529 1937-6537
35273      Journalism and Mass Communication Educator0022-5517 1077-6958
9235      Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly: devoted to research and commentary in journalism and mass communication1077-6990
7361      Journalism History0094-7679
9265      Journalism Practice1751-2786 1751-2794
30002      Journalism Studies1461-670X 1469-9699
9266      Journalism: theory, practice and criticism1464-8849 1741-3001
201211      Korean Journal of Journalism and Communication Studies
(aka Han'guk o?llon hakpo)
123310      Literary Journalism Studies1941-1030 1941-1049
21575      Media Asia: an Asian mass communication quarterly operations index0129-6612
9239      Media Culture and Society0163-4437 1460-3675
7407      Media History1368-8804 1469-9729
34629      Media, War and Conflict1750-6352 1750-6360
9268      Medijska Istrazivanja1330-6928
9245      Pacific Journalism Review1023-9499
9248      Public Understanding of Science0963-6625 1361-6609
10501      Reading Room: a journal of art and culture1177-2549
34659      The International Communication Gazette0016-5492 1748-0485
34796      The Radio Journal: international studies in broadcast and audio media1476-4504 2040-1388
34484      Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture1744-6708 1744-6716
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