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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

19: Studies in Creative Arts and Writing

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
11521      Antipodes: a global journal of Australian/New Zealand literature0893-5580
31428      Arthuriana1078-6279 1934-1539
21148      Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management1449-1184
40391      Australian Journal of Music Education0004-9484
124329      Bulletin of Spanish Studies: Hispanic studies and researches on Spain, Portugal and Latin America 1475-3820 1478-3428
34887      Bulletin of the Asia Institute0890-4464
4877      Ceramics International0272-8842 1873-3956
40315      Creative Industries Journal1751-0694 1751-0708
10313      Critical Studies in Improvisation
(aka Etudes Critiques en Improvisation)
10314      Cultural Trends0954-8963 1469-3690
125157      Current Narratives1837-0314
10316      Daedalus0011-5266 1548-6192
9940      Digital Creativity1462-6268 1744-3806
8781      Discourse Studies: an interdisciplinary journal for the study of text and talk1461-4456 1461-7080
9943      Double Dialogues1447-9591
41554      Entertainment and Sports Law Journal1748-944X
9973      Genre (Norman): forms of discourse and culture0016-6928
35347      Global Media and Communication1742-7665 1742-7673
35349      Global Media Journal: Australian Edition1835-2340
35851      HEAT1326-1460
10351      Imaging Science and Photochemistry1000-3231 1674-0475
11457      International Journal of Cultural Studies1367-8779 1460-356X
31307      International Journal of the Classical Tradition1073-0508 1874-6292
20600      Journal of Aesthetic Education0021-8510 1543-7809
9261      Journal of International Communication1321-6597
593      Journal of Mathematics and the Arts1751-3472 1751-3480
19834      Journal of Public Relations Research1062-726X 1532-754X
10405      Journal of Visual Culture1470-4129 1741-2994
45098      Journal of Writing in Creative Practice1753-5190 1753-5204
10407      Jump Cut0146-5546
10034      Junctures: the journal for thematic dialogue1176-5119
123281      Key Words: A Journal of Cultural Materialism1369-9725
11599      Literature and Aesthetics1036-9368 2200-0437
10423      Material Religion: the journal of objects, art and belief1743-2200 1751-8342
9242      Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy: quarterly journal of media research and resources1329-878X
10421      MEIEA1559-7334
10108      Object1038-1856
10460      Paradoxa: studies in world literary genres1079-8072
10127      Philament1449-0471
31121      Public Relations Review0363-8111 1873-4537
10511      Religion and the Arts1079-9265 1568-5292
20161      Slavic and East European Journal0037-6752
12181      Slavonica1361-7427 1745-8145
11637      Southerly: a review of Australian literature0038-3732
31494      Spunti e Ricerche0816-5432 2200-8942
124880      Studies in Material Thinking1177-6234
10189      TAASA Review1037-6674
125298      Tate Papers1753-9854
10557      Technoetic Arts: a journal of speculative research1477-965X 1758-9533
10273      The Blue Notebook: a new journal for artists' books1751-1712 1751-1720
124758      The Brock Review1188-9071
31498      The Italianist0261-4340 1748-619X
10207      Wacana Seni1675-3410
10578      West Coast Line: a journal of contemporary writing and criticism0043-311X 1182-4271
10213      Word and Image0266-6286 1943-2178
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