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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1607: Social Work

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
34181      Administration in Social Work: the quarterly journal of human services management0364-3107 1544-4376
36231      Adoption and Fostering0308-5759 1740-469X
34182      Advances in Social Work1527-8565
34184      Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education1329-0584
3940      Affilia: journal of women and social work0886-1099 1552-3020
6076      American Journal of Community Psychology0091-0562 1573-2770
6078      American Journal of Family Therapy0192-6187 1521-0383
41879      Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Review0113-7662 1178-5527
21153      Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work0218-5385
123153      Asian Social Work and Policy Review1753-1403 1753-1411
34188      Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal1441-7847
13426      Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy: innovative and contextual approaches to human problems0814-723X 1467-8438
41450      Australian Community Psychologist1835-7393
35544      Australian Journal of Family Law0817-623X
34191      Australian Social Work0312-407X 1447-0748
41530      Bereavement Care: an international journal for those who help bereaved people0268-2621
6155      British Journal of Guidance and Counselling0306-9885 1469-3534
20256      Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy1923-6182 0828-3893
34195      Canadian Social Work0037-8089 1488-0318
6170      Child Abuse and Neglect0145-2134 1873-7757
34199      Child Abuse Review0952-9136 1099-0852
34200      Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal0738-0151 1573-2797
34196      Child and Family Social Work1356-7500 1365-2206
39970      Child Care in Practice1357-5279 1476-489X
39969      Child Maltreatment1077-5595 1552-6119
20539      Children and Society: the international journal of childhood and children's services0951-0605 1099-0860
34203      Children and Youth Services Review0190-7409 1873-7765
34204      Children Australia1035-0772
5927      Children's Geographies1473-3277 1473-3285
35950      China Journal of Social Work1752-5098 1752-5101
34205      Clinical Social Work Journal0091-1674 1573-3343
36157      Communities, Children and Families Australia1833-6280
6201      Contemporary Family Therapy: an international journal0892-2764 1573-3335
200331      Critical and Radical Social Work: an international journal2049-8608 2049-8675
10839      Critical Social Policy0261-0183 1461-703X
39699      Critical Social Work1543-9372
40468      Developing Practice1445-6818
35345      Disability and Society0968-7599 1360-0508
34794      Disability Studies Quarterly1041-5718
20713      Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties1363-2752 1741-2692
41007      Ethics and Social Welfare1749-6535 1749-6543
34206      European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling1364-2537 1469-5901
39948      European Journal of Social Work: the forum for the social work professional1369-1457 1468-2664
34208      Families in Society: the journal of contemporary social services0037-7678 1044-3894 1945-1350 8755-4879
6268      Family Process0014-7370 1545-5300
6014      Family Relations0197-6664 1741-3729
41432      First Years Nga Tau Tuatahi1175-0529
13533      Grief Matters1440-6888
34210      Groupwork0951-824X 1746-6091
13537      Health and Social Care in the Community0966-0410 1365-2524
34211      Health and Social Work0360-7283 1545-6854
34214      International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations1447-9532 1447-9583
200037      International Journal of Emotional Education2073-7629
36263      International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences1833-1882
13604      International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work1446-5019
39914      International Journal of Qualitative Methods1609-4069
34215      International Journal of Social Welfare1369-6866 1468-2397
34217      International Social Security Review0020-871X 0250-605X 0379-0282 1468-246X
34218      International Social Work0020-8728 1461-7234
18852      International Studies Quarterly0020-8833 1468-2478
22235      Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology1547-5840 1547-5859
36238      Journal of Aging and Social Policy: a journal devoted to aging and social policy0895-9420 1545-0821
6350      Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities1360-2322 1468-3148
42104      Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research1094-3412 1556-3308
42109      Journal of Care Services Management1750-1679 1750-1687
40581      Journal of Child Sexual Abuse: research, treatment and program innovations for victims, survivors and offenders1053-8712 1547-0679
42111      Journal of Children and Poverty1079-6126 1469-9389
122850      Journal of Children's Services: research informing policy and practice 1746-6660 2042-8677
36259      Journal of Comparative Social Welfare1748-6831 1748-684X
124462      Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy1533-2683 1533-2691
19322      Journal of Education and Work1363-9080 1469-9435
34220      Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work: innovations in theory, research and practice1531-3204 1531-3212
34221      Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work: advances in practice, programming, research, and policy1543-3714 1543-3722
13641      Journal of Family Studies1322-9400 1839-3543
6410      Journal of Family Therapy0163-4445 1467-6427
11167      Journal of Feminist Family Therapy0895-2833 1540-4099
35952      Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services: issues in practice, policy and research1053-8720 1540-4056
34224      Journal of Gerontological Social Work0163-4372 1540-4048
124659      Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services1538-1501 1538-151X
36236      Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies1556-2948
36256      Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability0726-3864 1366-8250 1469-9532
6424      Journal of Interpersonal Violence: concerned with the study and treatment of victims and perpetrators of physical and sexual violence0886-2605 1552-6518
6431      Journal of Marital and Family Therapy0194-472X 1752-0606
35726      Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities1741-1122 1741-1130
35948      Journal of Policy Practice1533-2942 1558-8742 1558-8750
34226      Journal of Practice Teaching in Health and Social Work1460-6690 1746-6113
35946      Journal of Progressive Human Services: successor to catalyst: a socialist journal of the social services1042-8232 1540-7616
34227      Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work: social thought1542-6432 1542-6440
6035      Journal of Research on Adolescence1050-8392 1532-7795
45088      Journal of Social Inclusion1836-8808
10885      Journal of Social Policy0047-2794 1469-7823
34229      Journal of Social Work1468-0173 1741-296X
20479      Journal of Social Work Education2163-5811 1043-7797
39698      Journal of Social Work in Disability and Rehabilitation1536-710X 1536-7118
34230      Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life and Palliative Care1552-4256 1552-4264 8756-4610
34231      Journal of Social Work Practice0265-0533 1465-3885
34233      Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics1553-6947
34234      Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare0191-5096
36230      Journal of Teaching in Social Work: innovations in instruction, training and educational practice0884-1233 1540-7349
36219      Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation1052-2263 1878-6316
13965      Learning in Health and Social Care1473-6853 1473-6861
45059      Native Studies Review0831-585X
36509      New Directions for Evaluation0164-7989 1097-6736 1534-875X
201307      New Zealand Journal of Counselling1171-0365
10894      Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly0094-0607 0899-7640 1552-7395
201312      Nonprofit Policy Forum2154-3348 2194-6035
36187      Peace Review: a journal of social justice1040-2659 1469-9982
17380      Policing and Society: an international journal of research and policy1043-9463 1477-2728
201394      Poverty and Public Policy: a global journal of social security, income, aid, and welfare1944-2858
42093      Practice0950-3153 1742-4909
36164      Practice Reflexions1834-3635
6632      Psychotherapy Research1050-3307 1468-4381
39697      Qualitative Social Work: research and practice1473-3250 1741-3117
201433      Race and Justice: An International Journal2153-3687
34239      Research on Social Work Practice1049-7315 1552-7581
124213      Residential Treatment for Children and Youth0886-571X 1541-0358
34241      Rural Social Work and Community Practice1321-6627 1833-3060
41185      Scottish Youth Issues Journal1469-0780
34243      Smith College Studies in Social Work0037-7317 1553-0426
34244      Social Development Issues: alternative approaches to global human needs0147-1473
39838      Social Policy and Society1474-7464 1475-3073
201502      Social Sciences Directory2049-6869
34245      Social Security: journal of welfare and social security studies0334-231X
32926      Social Service Review0037-7961 1537-5404
34247      Social Work0037-8046 1545-6846
34250      Social Work and Social Sciences Review: an internal journal of applied research0953-5225 1746-6105
34251      Social Work and Society1613-8953
20481      Social Work Education0261-5479 1470-1227
34253      Social Work in Health Care: the journal of health care work0098-1389 1541-034X
34254      Social Work in Mental Health: the journal of behavioral and psychiatric social work1533-2985 1533-2993
34255      Social Work in Public Health0897-7186 1937-190X 1937-1918
34259      Social Work with Groups: a journal of community and clinical practice0160-9513 1540-9481
41109      Social Work: a professional journal for the social worker0037-8054
10923      Sociologia Ruralis0038-0199 1467-9523
13435      The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling1323-8922
34193      The British Journal of Social Work0045-3102 1468-263X
34261      The Clinical Supervisor: the journal of supervision in psychotherapy and mental health0732-5223 1545-231X
41429      The Global Studies Journal1835-4432
122830      The Review of Disability Studies (RDS): An International Journal1553-3697
201650      Therapeutic Communities: the international journal for therapeutic communities0964-1866
19044      Third Sector Review1323-9163
21040      Town Planning Review0041-0020 1478-341X
36168      Trauma, Violence and Abuse: a review journal1524-8380 1552-8324
17466      Violence and Victims0886-6708 1945-7073
34263      Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations0957-8765 1573-7888
123162      Young: Nordic journal of youth research1103-3088 1741-3222
41183      Youth and Policy: the journal of critical analysis0262-9798
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