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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1507: Transportation and Freight Services

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
13370      Accident Analysis and Prevention0001-4575 1879-2057
19787      Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics1355-5855 1758-4248
200200      Aviation in Focus2179-703X
200201      Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors2192-0923 2192-0931
33032      Canadian Journal of Transportation1715-2127
33034      European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research1567-7133 1567-7141
36143      European Transport
(aka Trasporti Europei)
125260      European Transport Research Review1866-8887 1867-0717
41864      IATSS Research0386-1112
3746      IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems1524-9050 1558-0016
200693      International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management1753-0296
19334      International Journal of Operations and Production Management0144-3577 1758-6593
123794      International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics1756-6517 1756-6525
33035      International Journal of Sustainable Transportation1556-8318 1556-8334
18392      International Journal of Transport Economics0303-5247 1724-2185
4219      Journal of Advanced Transportation0197-6729 2042-3195
19639      Journal of Air Transport Management0969-6997 1873-2089
41773      Journal of Food Distribution Research0047-245X
201023      Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management2042-6747 2042-6755
36078      Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: technology, planning, and operations1024-8072 1547-2442 1547-2450
201057      Journal of Maritime Research1697-4840 1697-9133
33037      Journal of Public Transportation1077-291X
35906      Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management0969-7012 1478-4092 1873-6505
19368      Journal of Supply Chain Management1523-2409 1745-493X
40726      Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety1832-9497
4242      Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies1881-1124
33030      Journal of the Transportation Research Forum1046-1469
35903      Journal of Transport and Land Use1938-7849
36039      Journal of Transport Economics and Policy0022-5258 1754-5951
19644      Journal of Transport Geography0966-6923 1873-1236
7357      Journal of Transport History0022-5266 1759-3999
42154      Journal of Transportation Safety and Security1943-9962 1943-9970
39884      Journal of Transportation System Engineering and Information Technology1009-6744 1570-6672
35573      Journal of Urban Planning and Development0733-9488 1943-5444
201450      Research in Transportation Business and Management2210-5409 2210-5395
36049      Research in Transportation Economics0739-8859 1875-7979
4274      Road and Transport Research: a journal of Australian and New Zealand research and practice1037-5783
40438      Transit1551-9627
40708      Transport Policy0967-070X 1879-310X
3563      Transport Reviews0144-1647 1464-5327
4295      Transportation0049-4488 1572-9435
201680      Transportation Journal0041-1612 2157-328X
4297      Transportation Planning and Technology0308-1060 1029-0354
4298      Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice0191-2607 0965-8564
36284      Transportation Research Part B: Methodological: an international journal0191-2615 1879-2367
36285      Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment1361-9209 1879-2340
4301      Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review1366-5545 1878-5794
6691      Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour1369-8478 1873-5517
4302      Transportation Research Record0361-1981 2169-4052
4303      Transportation Science0041-1655 1526-5447
33042      Transportmetrica1812-8602 1944-0987
41375      World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research1749-4729 1749-4737
33031      World Transport Policy and Practice1352-7614
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