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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1499: Other Economics

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
41497      Asian-Pacific Business Review0973-2470
19074      Australian Accounting Review1035-6908 1835-2561
18195      Cambridge Journal of Economics0309-166X 1464-3545
200280      China Agricultural Economic Review1756-1388 1756-137X
18198      China and World Economy1671-2234 1749-124X
18671      Comparative Economic Studies0888-7233 1478-3320
18157      Computational Economics0927-7099 1572-9974
36257      Conflict, Security and Development1467-8802 1478-1174
36289      Critique: a journal of socialist theory0301-7605 1748-8605
18340      Ecological Economics0921-8009 1873-6106
18347      Economic Systems Research0953-5314 1469-5758
18358      Environmental and Resource Economics0924-6460 1573-1502
18688      European Journal of Comparative Economics1824-2979
32869      Faith and Economics0896-307X
11488      Food, Culture, and Society1552-8014 1751-7443
41685      Forum for Health Economics and Policy1558-9544
18649      History of Economic Ideas1122-8792 1724-2169
18548      International Journal of Green Economics1744-9928 1744-9936
41897      International Journal of Home Economics1999-561X
41193      International Journal of Organizational Innovation1943-1813
18391      International Journal of Social Economics0306-8293 1758-6712
35925      International Journal of Sport Finance1558-6235 1930-076X
18551      International Journal of the Economics of Business1357-1516 1466-1829
30478      International Regional Science Review0160-0176 1552-6925
32883      International Tax and Public Finance0927-5940 1573-6970
7256      Investigacion de Historia Economica1698-6989
10871      Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion0021-8294 1468-5906
35652      Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics1068-5502
18401      Journal of Asian Economics1049-0078 1873-7927
18402      Journal of Bioeconomics1387-6996 1573-6989
123484      Journal of Catholic Social Thought1548-0712 2153-9979
18568      Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies1476-5284 1476-5292
18665      Journal of Comparative Economics0147-5967 1095-7227
5957      Journal of Economic Geography1468-2702 1468-2710
18289      Journal of Economic Theory0022-0531 1095-7235
30485      Journal of Family and Economic Issues1058-0476 1573-3475
18432      Journal of International Money and Finance: theoretical and empirical research in international economics and finance 0261-5606 1873-0639
35444      Journal of International Trade Law and Policy1477-0024
41046      Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies1071-7919 1548-0518 1939-7089
18590      Journal of Sports Economics1527-0025 1552-7794
18225      New Zealand Economic Papers0077-9954 1943-4863
35927      Politics, Philosophy and Economics1470-594X 1741-3060
35614      Problems of Economic Transition: a journal of translations from Russian1061-1991 1557-931X
36049      Research in Transportation Economics0739-8859 1875-7979
18298      Rethinking Marxism: a journal of economics, culture and society0893-5696 1475-8059
32920      Review of Economics of the Household1569-5239 1573-7152
18694      Review of Radical Political Economics0486-6134 1552-8502
201606      The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom2200-3037
18222      The Manchester School1463-6786 1467-9957
201728      World Journal of VAT/GST Law2048-8440 2048-8432
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