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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1403: Econometrics

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
776      Annals of Statistics0090-5364 2168-8966
18156      Applied Econometrics and International Development1578-4487
40291      Applied Economics0003-6846 1466-4283
200157      Applied Mathematics2152-7393 2152-7385
779      Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics1369-1473 1467-842X
18332      Australian Journal of Labour Economics1328-1143
782      Bernoulli: a journal of mathematical statistics and probability1350-7265 1573-9759
922      Biometrika0006-3444 1464-3510
787      Canadian Journal of Statistics0319-5724 1708-945X
18157      Computational Economics0927-7099 1572-9974
793      Computational Statistics and Data Analysis0167-9473 1872-7352
30479      Econometric Reviews0747-4938 1532-4168
795      Econometric Theory0266-4666 1469-4360
796      Econometrica: journal of the Econometric Society0012-9682 1468-0262
18160      Econometrics Journal1368-4221 1368-423X
18345      Economic Modelling0264-9993 1873-6122
18346      Economic Systems0939-3625
18288      Economic Theory0938-2259 1432-0479
200399      Economics1864-6042
18177      Foundations and Trends in Econometrics1551-3076 1551-3084
18214      Indian Economic Review0019-4670
200653      International Economics
(aka Economia Internazionale)
18162      International Journal of Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Studies1698-4153 1988-0081
18387      International Journal of Business and Economics1607-0704
18163      International Journal of Forecasting0169-2070 1872-8200
3759      International Journal of Industrial Organization0167-7187
123783      International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimisation2040-3607 2040-3615
41949      International Journal of Statistics and Economics0973-7022
18552      International Research Journal of Finance and Economics1450-2887
200849      Investigacion Economica0185-1667
18178      Journal for Studies in Economics and Econometrics0379-6205
32848      Journal of Applied Econometrics0883-7252 1099-1255
18401      Journal of Asian Economics1049-0078 1873-7927
813      Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics1061-8600 1537-2715
18166      Journal of Econometrics0304-4076 1872-6895
18167      Journal of Economic and Social Measurement0747-9662 1875-8932
18168      Journal of Economic Methodology1350-178X 1469-9427
18418      Journal of Economic Surveys0950-0804 1467-6419
19565      Journal of Empirical Finance0927-5398
30472      Journal of Financial Econometrics1479-8409 1479-8417
18169      Journal of Forecasting0277-6693 1099-131X
18437      Journal of Monetary Economics0304-3932 1873-1295
814      Journal of Multivariate Analysis0047-259X 1095-7243
815      Journal of Nonparametric Statistics1026-7654 1029-0311 1048-5252
18440      Journal of Policy Modeling: A Social Science Forum of World Issue0161-8938
18170      Journal of Productivity Analysis0895-562X 1573-0441
18442      Journal of Public Economics0047-2727
18171      Journal of Quantitative Economics0971-1554
823      Journal of the American Statistical Association0162-1459 1537-274X
826      Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society0964-1998 1467-985X
827      Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B: Statistical Methodology1369-7412 1467-9868
831      Journal of Time Series Analysis0143-9782 1467-9892
124919      Journal of Time Series Econometrics1941-1928
18457      Labour Economics0927-5371 1879-1034
18464      Oxford Review of Economic Policy0266-903X 1460-2121
122832      Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in Social Sciences1752-8925
122992      Quantitative Economics1759-7323 1759-7331
18614      Regional Science and Urban Economics0166-0462
30469      Resource and Energy Economics0928-7655 1873-0221
201471      Rotman International Journal of Pension Management1916-9841 1916-9833
852      Statistica Neerlandica0039-0402 1467-9574
856      Statistical Modelling: An International Journal1471-082X 1477-0342
860      Statistics and Probability Letters0167-7152
736      Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics1081-1826 1558-3708
18299      The BE Journal of Macroeconomics2194-6116 1935-1690
18355      The Empirical Economics Letters1681-8997
18581      The Journal of Industrial Economics0022-1821 1467-6451
908      The Review of Economics and Statistics0034-6535 1530-9142
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