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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1202: Building

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
4858      ACI Materials Journal0889-325X 1944-737X
4142      ACI Structural Journal0889-3241 1944-7361
4147      Advances in Structural Engineering: an international journal1369-4332 2048-4011
20839      Architectural Science Review0003-8628 1758-9622
4155      Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building1835-6354 1837-9133
201760      Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building: Conference Series2200-7679
4156      Australian Journal of Structural Engineering1328-7982
21057      Building Acoustics1351-010X
36747      Building and Construction Law Journal0815-6050
4160      Building and Environment0007-3628 0360-1323 1873-684X
4161      Building Research and Information: the international journal of research, development and demonstration0182-3329 0961-3218 1466-4321
21059      Building Services Engineering Research and Technology: an international journal0143-6244 1477-0849
200241      Building Simulation1996-3599 1996-8744
200242      Built Environment Project and Asset Management2044-1258 2044-124X
4163      Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering0315-1468 1208-6029
18748      Canadian Public Administration0008-4840 1754-7121
21082      Cement and Concrete Composites0958-9465 1873-393X
4164      Cement and Concrete Research0008-8846 1873-3948
3470      Construction and Building Materials0950-0618
40994      Construction Innovation: information, process, management1471-4175 1477-0857
35524      Construction Law International1819-1371
30501      Construction Law Journal0267-2359
44898      Cost Engineering (Morgantown)0274-9696 0276-721X
200429      Engineering Project Organization Journal2157-3735 2157-3727
41005      Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management0969-9988 1365-232X
31078      European Journal of Wood and Wood Products0018-3768 1436-736X
35980      Facilities0263-2772 1758-7131
44909      Gongye Jianzhu1000-8993
5949      Habitat International0197-3975 1873-5428
4197      Indoor and Built Environment1016-4901 1420-326X 1423-0070
36759      International Construction Law Review0265-1416
5954      International Journal for Housing Science and Its Applications: housing planning0146-6518
44917      International Journal of Construction Project Management1944-1436
44920      International Journal of Information Technology Project Management1938-0232 1938-0240
41428      International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment0948-3349 1614-7502
40385      International Journal of Project Organisation and Management1740-2891 1740-2905
124289      International Journal of Project Planning and Finance2026-5190
124988      International Journal of Ventilation1473-3315 2044-4044
4348      Journal of Architectural Engineering1076-0431 1943-5568
44926      Journal of Building Appraisal1742-8262
44927      Journal of Building Performance Simulation1940-1493
44928      Journal of Building Physics1744-2591 1744-2583
200918      Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal and Valuation2046-9608 2046-9594
4350      Journal of Civil Engineering and Management1392-1525 1392-3730
36042      Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: research and practice1387-6988 1572-5448
40479      Journal of Construction Engineering and Management0733-9364 1943-7862
41043      Journal of Construction in Developing Countries1823-6499 1985-8329
4353      Journal of Construction Procurement1358-9180
124694      Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction1366-4387 1759-8443
21100      Journal of Green Building1552-6100 1943-4618
4360      Journal of Information Technology in Construction1400-6529 1874-4753
124293      Journal of International Real Estate and Construction Studies2153-6813
30213      Journal of Management in Engineering0742-597X 1943-5479
4362      Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice1052-3928 1943-5541
5967      Journal of Urban Technology1063-0732 1466-1853
30214      Leadership and Management in Engineering1532-6748 1943-5630
44936      Lean Construction Journal1555-1369
4255      Magazine of Concrete Research0024-9831 1751-763X
44939      NICMAR Journal of Construction Management0970-3675
124287      Organization, Technology and Management in Construction: an International Journal1847-5450 1847-6228
30222      Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Sustainability1478-4629 1751-7680
19374      Project Management Journal1938-9507 8756-9728
44953      Surveying and Built Environment1816-9554
44891      The Built and Human Environment Review1759-0574
40463      The International Journal of Construction Management1562-3599 2331-2327
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