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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

12: Built Environment and Design

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
36072      AACE International Transactions1528-7106
125041      Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies (ajE-Bs)1394-0384
30541      Australian Garden History1033-3673
4159      Automation in Construction0926-5805 1872-7891
20956      Centre for Education in the Built Environment Transactions1745-0322
40432      Construction Management and Economics0144-6193 1466-433X
40315      Creative Industries Journal1751-0694 1751-0708
9940      Digital Creativity1462-6268 1744-3806
4185      Energy and Buildings0378-7788 1872-6178
123182      Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka1800-1122
32864      Environment and Behavior0013-9165 1552-390X
5879      Environmental Impact Assessment Review0195-9255 1873-6432
20976      Global Built Environment Review1474-6824 1474-6832
123401      Health Environments Research and Design Journal (HERD)1937-5867
19291      Human-Computer Interaction0737-0024 1532-7051
44915      Intelligent Buildings International1750-8975
124393      International Journal of Ambient Energy0143-0750
21094      International Journal of Construction Education and Research1522-8150 1550-3984 1557-8771
33027      International Journal of Heritage Studies1352-7258 1470-3610
35577      International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis1753-8270 1753-8289
125286      International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research1868-8659 1348-8503
44921      International Journal of Law in the Built Environment1756-1450 1756-1469
19203      International Journal of Managing Projects in Business1753-8378
3498      International Journal of Project Management0263-7863 1873-4634
124408      International Journal of Sustainable Engineering1939-7038 1939-7046
5955      International Journal of Urban and Regional Research0309-1317 1468-2427
18680      Journal of Australian Political Economy0156-5826
36308      Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology1726-0531
40126      Journal of Housing for the Elderly0276-3893 1540-353X
36044      Journal of Place Management and Development1753-8335
3693      Journal of Product Innovation Management0737-6782 1540-5885
123145      Journal of Project, Program and Portfolio Management1838-7845
40624      Journal of Urbanism: international research on placemaking and urban sustainability1754-9175 1754-9183
10405      Journal of Visual Culture1470-4129 1741-2994
45098      Journal of Writing in Creative Practice1753-5190 1753-5204
5968      Landscape and Urban Planning0169-2046 1872-6062
20898      Landscape Research0142-6397 1469-9710
36329      Local Environment: the international journal of justice and sustainability1354-9839 1469-6711
10108      Object1038-1856
19483      Pacific Rim Property Research Journal1444-5921
30223      Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning1755-0793 1755-0807
19484      Property Management0263-7472 1758-731X
5889      Resources, Conservation and Recycling0921-3449
201499      Smart and Sustainable Built Environment2046-6099 2046-6102
4074      Solar Energy0038-092X
124880      Studies in Material Thinking1177-6234
41498      Sustainability2071-1050
30546      The Journal for Education in the Built Environment1747-4205
19666      The Journal of Environmental Education0095-8964 1940-1892
124931      Volume1568-2730 1574-9401
10213      Word and Image0266-6286 1943-2178
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