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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

1004: Medical Biotechnology

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
200106      Advanced Healthcare Materials2192-2640 2192-2659
200117      Advances in Wound Care2162-1918 2162-1934
200139      Anatomy and Physiology: Current Research2161-0940
200141      Anemia2090-1267 2090-1275
200208      Biochemistry Research International2090-2247 2090-2255 1687-6709 1687-6717
200211      Biofabrication1758-5082 1758-5090
200220      Biomaterials Science2047-4849 2047-4830
40745      Biomedical Materials1748-6041 1748-605X
3391      Biomedical Signal Processing and Control1746-8094
200224      Biopreservation and Biobanking1947-5543 1947-5535
41542      Biotechnology Journal1860-6768 1860-7314
200232      Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights1179-061X
22141      Clinical Chemistry (Washington, DC): international journal of molecular diagnostics and laboratory medicine0009-9147 1530-8561
41651      Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging1555-4309 1555-4317
3355      Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology1389-2010 1873-4316
3411      Gene Therapy and Regulation: an international interdisciplinary journal1388-9532 1568-5586
3361      Human Gene Therapy1043-0342 1557-7422
200644      Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery1569-9285 1569-9293
200688      International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology2233-7849
200788      International Journal of Oral Science2049-3169 1674-2818
200843      International Tinnitus Journal0946-5448
200916      Journal of Biophotonics1864-0648 1864-063X
200936      Journal of Commercial Biotechnology1462-8732 1478-565X
201005      Journal of Functional Biomaterials2079-4983
201078      Journal of Molecular Biology Research1925-430X 1925-4318
41063      Memetic Computing1865-9284 1865-9292
201264      Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders1557-8518 1540-4196
201266      Microarrays2076-3905
124173      Nanomedicine1743-5889 1748-6963
201294      Natural Science2150-4105 2150-4091
201405      Progress in Biomaterials2194-0517
36287      Public Health Genomics1422-2795 1662-4246 1662-8063
201443      Regenerative Medicine1746-076X 1746-0751
201526      Stem Cells Translational Medicine2157-6564 2157-6580
201629      The Open Stem Cell Journal1876-8938
201651      Therapeutic Delivery2041-6008 2041-5990
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