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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0909: Geomatic Engineering

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
44370      Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica1217-8977
34477      Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS)1832-5505
123622      Applied Geomatics1866-928X 1866-9298
30257      Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy1874-4621 1874-463X
123733      Artificial Satellites: journal of planetary geodesy0208-841X
4626      Asian Journal of Geoinformatics1513-6728
40752      BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making1472-6947
39973      Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing1712-7971 1712-798X
2006      Cartographic Journal0008-7041 1743-2774
2008      Cartography and Geographic Information Science1050-9844 1545-0465
4630      Computers, Environment and Urban Systems0198-9715 1873-7587
34462      Coordinates Series A: online journal of the map and geography round table1553-3247
1722      Engineering Geology0013-7952 1872-6917
1870      Exploration Geophysics0812-3985 1834-7533
40662      Geo-spatial Information Science1001-4993 1009-5020 1993-5153
2010      Geocarto International1010-6049 1752-0762
2014      Geographical Analysis: an international journal of theoretical geography0016-7363 1538-4632
2021      Geoinformatica: an international journal on advances of computer science for geographic information systems1384-6175 1573-7624
1872      Geophysical Journal International0956-540X 1365-246X
4635      GPS Solutions1080-5370 1521-1886
40966      IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters1545-598X 1558-0571
200605      IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing1939-1404 2151-1535
4441      IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems0018-9251 1557-9603
4638      IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing0196-2892 1558-0644
30611      Imago Mundi: the international journal for the history of cartography0308-5694 1479-7801
4640      International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation1569-8432 1872-826X
2023      International Journal of Geographical Information Science1365-8816 1365-8824
123732      International Journal of Geoinformatics1686-6576
34437      International Journal of Navigation and Observation1687-5990 1687-6008
4642      International Journal of Remote Sensing0143-1161 1366-5901
200858      ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information2220-9964
35511      ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing0924-2716 1872-8235
39857      Journal of Applied Geodesy1862-9016
1738      Journal of Applied Geophysics0926-9851
39708      Journal of Applied Remote Sensing1931-3195
1978      Journal of Climate0894-8755 1520-0442
1876      Journal of Geodesy0949-7714 1432-1394
201007      Journal of Geodetic Science2081-9919 2081-9943
1877      Journal of Geodynamics0264-3707 1879-1670
21463      Journal of Geographical Sciences1009-637X 0375-5444 1861-9568
36064      Journal of Geographical Systems: geographical information, analysis, theory and decision1069-2665 1435-5930 1435-5949
4358      Journal of Geospatial Engineering1563-3772
39896      Journal of Location Based Services1748-9725 1748-9733
124443      Journal of Map and Geography Libraries: advances in geospatial information, collections, and archives1542-0353 1542-0361
4647      Journal of Navigation0373-4633 1469-7785
33037      Journal of Public Transportation1077-291X
4627      Journal of Spatial Science0005-0326 0069-0805 1324-9983 1449-8596
4649      Journal of Surveying Engineering0733-9453 1943-5428
125107      Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing
(aka Photonirvachak )
0255-660X 0974-3006
4340      Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures1028-365X 1996-9015
1931      Marine Geodesy0149-0419 1521-060X
123618      Navigation (Washington)0028-1522
4653      Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing0099-1112
4646      Positioning1446-3156 1446-3164 2150-8526 2150-850X
124221      Preview (CSIRO)1443-2471 1836-084X
201448      Remote Sensing2072-4292
4657      Remote Sensing of Environment: an interdisciplinary journal0034-4257 1879-0704
4659      Spatial Cognition and Computation1387-5868 1573-9252
4384      Survey Review0039-6265 1752-2706
44953      Surveying and Built Environment1816-9554
4654      The Photogrammetric Record0031-868X 1477-9730
4663      Transactions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)1361-1682 1467-9671
34497      Virtual Reality: research, development and applications 1359-4338 1434-9957
4664      Zeitschrift fuer Geodaesie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement (ZfV)0044-3689 0340-4560 1618-8950
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