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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0899: Other Information and Computing Sciences

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
34850      ACM Computers in Entertainment1544-3574 1544-3981
32002      ACM Transactions on Computing Education1531-4278 1946-6226
3350      Briefings in Bioinformatics1467-5463 1477-4054
200322      Computer Science and Information Systems1820-0214
17800      Computer Science Education0899-3408 1744-5175
39832      Digital Investigation1742-2876 1873-202X
41531      Electronic Journal of Organizational Virtualness1422-9331
3738      European Journal of Industrial Engineering1751-5254 1751-5262
11337      IEEE Annals of the History of Computing1058-6180 1934-1547
4568      IEEE Technology and Society Magazine0278-0097
31240      Info: the journal of policy, regulation and strategy for telecommunications, information and media1463-6697 1465-9840
36604      Informatics in Education1648-5831
17157      Information and Communications Technology Law1360-0834 1469-8404
41699      Information Systems Education Journal1545-679X
32059      Information Technology Journal1682-6027 1812-5638 1812-5646
32061      Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences1473-7507
32069      International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking1548-0631 1548-064X
32074      International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology0952-8091 1741-5047
200712      International Journal of Computers and Communications2074-1294
36569      International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics1751-911X 1751-9128
41252      International Journal of Functional Informatics and Personalised Medicine1756-2104 1756-2112
200753      International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology1738-9968
20290      International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education1550-1337 1550-1876
19901      International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management0219-8770 1793-6950
19398      International Journal of Integrated Supply Management1477-5360 1741-8097
41258      International Journal of Intercultural Information Management1750-0028 1750-0036
17183      International Journal of Law and Information Technology0967-0769 1464-3693
18549      International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation1741-5373 1741-5381
3634      International Journal of Manufacturing Research1750-0591 1750-0605
41923      International Journal of Mental Health0020-7411 1557-9328
41931      International Journal of Network Security and Its Applications0974-9330 0975-2307
200813      International Journal of Security and Its Applications1738-9976
32102      International Journal of Services and Standards1740-8849 1740-8857
3638      International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing1742-7223 1742-7231
32103      International Journal of Technology Policy and Law1742-4259 1742-4240
32104      International Journal of the Computer, the Internet and Management0858-7027
32089      International Review of Management1649-5179 2009-2830
42066      Journal for Computing Teachers1943-9725 1040-7553 1943-9733
200885      Journal of Advances in Information Fusion1557-6418
39900      Journal of Community Informatics1712-4441
20267      Journal of Computer Assisted Learning0266-4909 1365-2729
36568      Journal of Digital Forensic Practice1556-7281 1556-7346
36567      Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law1558-7215 1558-7223
20307      Journal of Educational Computing Research0735-6331 1541-4140
44955      Journal of Engineering Design0954-4828
18004      Journal of Informatics Education and Research1075-8909 1526-4726
32126      Journal of Information Communication and Ethics in Society1477-996X 1758-8871
32131      Journal of Information System Security1551-0123 1551-0808
18009      Journal of Information Systems Education1055-3096
18013      Journal of Information Technology Education1539-3585 1547-9706 1547-9714
4360      Journal of Information Technology in Construction1400-6529 1874-4753
18015      Journal of Information Warfare1445-3312 1445-3347
35991      Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing0956-5515 1572-8145
18032      Journal of Network and Computer Applications1084-8045 1095-8592
32141      Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics1690-4524
18052      Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology1532-2882 1532-2890
201180      Journal of the Society for Information Display1071-0922 1938-3657
32146      Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research0718-1876
10755      Journal on Information Technology in Healthcare1479-649X
15274      Lipids in Health and Disease1476-511X
19764      New Technology, Work and Employment0268-1072 1468-005X
42051      Olympiads in Informatics1822-7732
838      Open Systems and Information Dynamics1230-1612 1793-7191
4503      Pattern Recognition0031-3203 1873-5142
36173      Presence1054-7460 1531-3263
2281      Protein Science0961-8368 1469-896X
201483      Science China Information Sciences1674-733X 1869-1919 1009-2757 1862-2836
39741      Security and Communication Networks1939-0122 1939-0114
39840      SIGCSE Bulletin Inroads1096-3936
201497      Simulation in Healthcare: Journal of the society for simulation in healthcare1559-2332 1559-713X
32168      Simulation: transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International0036-1925 0037-5497 1741-3133
201501      Social Network Analysis and Mining1869-5469 1869-5450
22058      Social Science Computer Review0894-4393 1552-8286
32172      Telematics and Informatics0736-5853
32174      Web Intelligence and Agent Systems: an international journal1570-1263 1875-9289
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