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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0804: Data Format

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
17727      ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing1530-0226 1558-3430
17732      ACM Transactions on Database Systems0362-5915 1557-4644
17735      ACM Transactions on Information and System Security1094-9224 1557-7406
19224      Acta Informatica0001-5903 1432-0525
32021      Communications of the IBIMA1943-7765
17803      Computer Standards and Interfaces0920-5489 1872-7018
17828      Data and Knowledge Engineering0169-023X 1872-6933
17829      Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery1384-5810 1573-756X
17830      Database: the journal of biological databases and curation1758-0463
17840      Distributed and Parallel Databases0926-8782 1573-7578
41920      Identity in the Information Society1876-0678
36609      IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine1540-7993 1558-4046
4446      IEEE Transactions on Communications0090-6778 1558-0857
32040      IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing1545-5971 1941-0018
36606      IET Information Security1751-8709 1751-8717
17903      Information Management and Computer Security0968-5227 1758-5805
17907      Information Retrieval1386-4564 1573-7659
39773      Information Security Journal: a Global Perspective1939-3547 1939-3555
31252      Information Visualization1473-8716 1473-8724
17922      Intelligent Data Analysis1088-467X 1571-4128
36603      International Journal of Applied Cryptography1753-0563
32070      International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining1743-8187 1743-8195
17932      International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining1548-3924 1548-3932
41899      International Journal of Information and Systems Sciences1708-296X
32085      International Journal of Information Quality1751-0457 1751-0465
41257      International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems1751-5858 1751-5866
17951      International Journal of Knowledge Management1548-0658 1548-0666
32097      International Journal of Metadata Semantics and Ontologies1744-2621 1744-263X
200813      International Journal of Security and Its Applications1738-9976
32101      International Journal of Security and Networks1747-8405 1747-8413
32112      International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems1552-6283 1552-6291
232      Journal of Cryptology0933-2790 1432-1378
17988      Journal of Database Management1063-8016 1533-8010
247      Journal of Graph Theory0364-9024 1097-0118 1063-8539 1520-6610
18019      Journal of Intelligent Information Systems0925-9902 1573-7675
18045      Journal of Systems and Software0164-1212 1873-1228
32151      Journal of Web Semantics1570-8268 1873-7749
36566      Language Resources and Evaluation0010-4817 1574-020X 1574-0218
18067      Machine Translation0884-0709 0922-6567 1573-0573
201483      Science China Information Sciences1674-733X 1869-1919 1009-2757 1862-2836
32113      The VLDB Journal0949-877X 1066-8888
4663      Transactions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)1361-1682 1467-9671
201715      Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery1942-4787 1942-4795
32110      World Wide Web1386-145X 1573-1413
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