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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0705: Forestry Sciences

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
2550      Annals of Botany0305-7364 1095-8290
5666      Annals of Forest Science1286-4560
4869      Appita Journal1038-6807
44659      Arboricultural Journal0307-1375
5416      Arboriculture and Urban Forestry0278-5226 1935-5297 2155-0778
5667      Australian Forestry0004-9158 2325-6087
44768      Austrian Journal of Forest Science0379-5292
5696      Baltic Forestry1392-1355
5698      Bois et Forets des Tropiques0006-579X 1777-5760
5699      Centralblatt fuer Das Gesamte Forstwesen0008-9583
40619      Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering: journal for theory and application of forestry engineering0352-5406 1845-5719
34908      Environment and History0967-3407 1752-7023
5702      European Journal of Forest Research0015-8003 1612-4669 1612-4677
31078      European Journal of Wood and Wood Products0018-3768 1436-736X
5673      Forest Pathology0300-1237 1437-4781 1439-0329
5674      Forest Policy and Economics1389-9341 1872-7050
4899      Forest Products Journal0015-7473
5676      Forest Science0015-749X 1938-3738
5678      Forestry Chronicle0015-7546
5677      Forestry: an international journal of forest research0015-752X 1464-3626
39781      Forests, Trees and Livelihoods0143-5698 1472-8028
4905      Holzforschung: international journal of the biology, chemistry, physics and technology of wood0018-3830 1437-434X
31079      IAWA Journal0928-1541
200617      iForest: biogeosciences and forestry1971-7458
5679      International Journal of Forest Engineering0843-5243 1494-2119
200747      International Journal of Forestry Research1687-9368 1687-9376
5680      International Journal of Wildland Fire1049-8001 1448-5516
5715      Journal of Forest Research1341-6979 1610-7403
5716      Journal of Forest Science: Prague0024-1105 1212-4834
5681      Journal of Forestry0022-1201 1938-3746
4944      Journal of Pulp and Paper Science0317-882X 0826-6220 1493-017X
5682      Journal of Sustainable Forestry1054-9811 1540-756X
5717      Journal of Tropical Forest Science0128-1283
2617      Journal of Vegetation Science1100-9233 1654-1103
4956      Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology0277-3813 1532-2319
42157      Journal of Wood Science1435-0211 1611-4663
5683      New Forests: journal of biology, biotechnology, and management of afforestation and reforestation0169-4286 1573-5095
5684      New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science0048-0134
4994      Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal0283-2631
5024      Paper3600734-1415 1537-0275 1933-3684
5685      Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research0282-7581 1651-1891
5686      Silva Fennica0037-5330 1457-7356
2409      Silvae Genetica: Zeitschrift fuer Forstgenetik und Forstpflanzenzuechtung0037-5349
5688      Small-Scale Forestry1447-1825 1873-7617 1873-7854
5731      Southern Forests: a journal of forest science1029-5925 1991-931X 1991-9328 2070-2620
5728      Southern Journal of Applied Forestry0148-4419 1938-3754
5689      Tasforests1033-8306
5710      The International Forestry Review2053-7778 1465-5489
41398      Tree and Forestry Science and Biotechnology1752-3753
31084      Tree Genetics and Genomes1614-2942 1614-2950
5690      Tree Physiology: an international botanical journal0829-318X 1758-4469
5691      Trees: structure and function0931-1890 1432-2285
5693      Urban Forestry and Urban Greening1610-8167 1618-8667
5027      Wood Science and Technology: journal of the international academy of wood science0043-7719 1432-5225
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