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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0702: Animal Production

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
5443      Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section A: Animal Science0906-4702 1651-1972
5487      Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica0044-605X 1751-0147
5444      Animal Feed Science and Technology0377-8401 1873-2216
41448      Animal Science Journal1344-3941 1740-0929
2809      Animal Welfare0962-7286
3057      Applied Animal Behaviour Science0168-1591 1872-9045
5447      Archives of Animal Nutrition1477-2817 1745-039X
44737      Asian Journal of Poultry Science1819-3609
5448      Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences1011-2367
5461      Australian Journal of Dairy Technology0004-9433
3064      Avian Biology Research1470-2061 1758-1559
5450      British Poultry Science0007-1668 1466-1799
5451      Canadian Journal of Animal Science0008-3984
9634      Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition0007-9006 0099-0248 1040-8398 1549-7852
5509      Domestic Animal Endocrinology0739-7240 1879-0054
5570      International Journal of Sheep and Wool Science0043-7875 1832-8679
40365      Italian Journal of Animal Science0390-0487 1594-4077
5452      Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences1230-1388
40738      Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances1680-5593 1993-601X
5453      Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics0931-2668 1439-0388
3184      Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition0931-2439 1439-0396
3104      Journal of Applied Animal Research0971-2119 0974-1844
36863      Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science1088-8705 1532-7604
5462      Journal of Dairy Research0022-0299 1469-7629
5463      Journal of Dairy Science0022-0302 1525-3198
16365      Journal of Endocrinology0022-0795 1479-6805
5470      Livestock Science0301-6226 1871-1413
5469      LWT: Food Science and Technology0023-6438 1096-1127
9672      Meat Science0309-1740 1873-4138
5457      Poultry Science0032-5791 1525-3171
5543      Research in Veterinary Science0034-5288 1532-2661
5458      Small Ruminant Research0197-7393 0921-4488
5478      South African Journal of Animal Science0081-2536 0375-1589
13453      The British Journal of Nutrition: an international journal of nutritional science 0007-1145 1475-2662
13658      The Journal of Nutrition0022-3166 1541-6100
5479      The Pig Journal0956-0939 1352-9749
5480      Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences1010-7592 1300-0128 1303-6181
5459      Worlds Poultry Science Journal0043-9339 1743-4777
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