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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0701: Agriculture, Land and Farm Management

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
44338      Acta Agronomica Sinica1875-2780
200119      African Journal of Agricultural Research1991-637X
44474      African Journal of Range and Forage Science1022-0119
32845      Agribusiness: an international journal0742-4477 1520-6297
44486      Agricultural Sciences in China1671-2927
5245      Agricultural Water Management0378-3774 1873-2283
5191      Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems1044-0046 1540-7578 2168-3565 2168-3573
44607      Annals of Arid Zone0570-1791
3444      Applied Engineering in Agriculture0883-8542 1943-7838
44687      Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection0323-5408
18327      Australasian Agribusiness Review1442-6951
40713      Australian Farm Business Management Journal1449-5937 1449-7875
44764      Australian Journal of Crop Science1835-2693 1835-2707
200280      China Agricultural Economic Review1756-1388 1756-137X
122941      Economia e Diritto Agroalimentare1826-0373 1970-9498
2868      Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata0013-8703 1570-7458
5894      Environment, Development and Sustainability: a multidisciplinary approach to the theory and practice of sustainable development1387-585X 1573-2975
32866      EuroChoices: agri-food and rural resources issues1478-0917 1746-692X
5240      Extension Farming Systems Journal1833-203X 1833-2048
45081      Farm Policy Journal1449-2210 1449-8812
5309      Field Crops Research0378-4290 1872-6852
2015      Geographical Journal0016-7398 1475-4959
200596      Hydro Nepal: Journal of Water, Energy and Environment1998-5452
18313      International Food and Agribusiness Management Review1096-7508 1559-2448
5899      International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development1474-6778 1478-7466
5900      International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development1740-8822 1740-8830
5901      International Journal of Rural Management0973-0052
5903      International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning: encouraging the unified approach to achieve sustainability1743-7601 1743-761X
3264      International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology1350-4509 1745-2627
200868      Italian Journal of Agronomy: an international journal of agroecosystem management
(aka Rivista di Agronomia)
1125-4718 2039-6805
200891      Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies2044-0847 2044-0839
20662      Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension: international journal on changes in agricultural knowledge and action systems1381-2335 1389-224X 1750-8622
200892      Journal of Agricultural Science1916-9752 1916-9760
124675      Journal of Agromedicine: interface of human health and agriculture1059-924X 1545-0813
1973      Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology1558-8424 1558-8432
41886      Journal of International Farm Management1816-2495
36318      Journal of Land Use Science1747-423X 1747-4248
201132      Journal of Rural Social Sciences2151-4178 0885-3436
201151      Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition0718-9508 0717-635X 0718-9516 0718-2791
5908      Livestock Research for Rural Development: the international journal for research into sustainable developing world agriculture0121-3784
5213      Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems0889-1893 1742-1705 1742-1713
201455      Resources2079-9276
124584      Rice Science
(aka Zhongguo Shuidao Yanjiu Tongbao)
1672-6308 1876-4762 1005-4111
201542      Sustainable Agriculture Research1927-050X 1927-0518
3442      Transactions of the ASABE2151-0040 2151-0032
5914      World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development1741-2234 1741-2242
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