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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0699: Other Biological Sciences

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
200180      Asian Myrmecology1985-1944
2155      BBA: Biomembranes0005-2736
200216      Biological Theory1555-5542 1555-5550
200218      Biology Open2046-6390
200221      Biomedical Informatics Insights1178-2226
34331      Canadian Society of Forensic Science journal0008-5030
123367      Cell Adhesion and Migration1933-6918 1933-6926
40060      Cyro-Letters0143-2044
35102      Forensic Science Review1042-7201
200508      Freshwater Science2161-9565 2161-9549
35116      Geography Compass1749-8198
36851      HOMO: journal of comparative human biology0018-442X 1618-1301
40187      Identification Canada0826-8142
200684      International Journal of Biological Sciences1449-2288
40173      International Journal of Digital Crime and Forensics1941-6210 1941-6229
40164      International Journal of Legal Medicine0937-9827 1437-1596
41930      International Journal of Molecular Sciences1422-0067 1424-6783 1661-6596
124813      Investigative Genetics2041-2223
3105      Journal of Applied Ichthyology0175-8659 1439-0426
200915      Journal of Biomedical Semantics2041-1480
34333      Journal of Forensic Identification0895-173X
35009      Journal of Forensic Sciences0022-1198 1556-4029
201078      Journal of Molecular Biology Research1925-430X 1925-4318
201091      Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism2090-0724 2090-0732
201190      Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation1823-3902
201232      Locale: the Australasian-Pacific journal of regional food studies2200-5005
41982      Molecular Systems Biology1744-4292
41077      Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart0080-4703
3380      Protein Expression and Purification1046-5928 1096-0279
201464      Revista de Biologia Tropical0034-7744 2215-2075
36811      The South Pacific Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences1013-9877 1726-0787 1838-837X 1838-8388
2518      Yeast0749-503X 1097-0061
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