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2015 submission journals in an ANZ Field of Research

0203: Classical Physics

ERA Journal IDTitleISSN
1283      Acoustical Science and Technology0369-4232 0388-2861 1346-3969 1347-5177
1285      Acustica United with Acta Acustica1610-1928 1861-9959
200135      American Journal of Fluid Dynamics2168-4715 2168-4707
22095      Applied Acoustics0003-682X 1872-910X
44683      Archives of Mechanics0373-2029
950      Atomization and Sprays1044-5110 1936-2684
122820      Biomicrofluidics1932-1058
21057      Building Acoustics1351-010X
122853      Canadian Acoustics0711-6659
1287      Cryogenics0011-2275 1879-2235
4409      Electrical Engineering: Archiv fuer elektrotechnik0003-9039 0948-7921 1432-0487
34299      European Journal of Physics0143-0807 1361-6404
44786      Expolosion and Shock Waves
(aka Baozha Yu Chongji)
1290      Fluid Phase Equilibria0378-3812
200568      Graphene2169-3471 2169-3439
4450      IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility0018-9375 1558-187X
4421      IET Science, Measurement and Technology1751-8822 1751-8830
39677      International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics0219-8878 1793-6977
1293      International Journal of Thermophysics0195-928X 1572-9567
39899      Journal of Computational Acoustics0218-396X 1793-6489
998      Journal of Low Temperature Physics0022-2291 1573-7357
818      Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment1742-5468
3645      Noise Control Engineering Journal0736-2501 1021-643X
201374      Physics Essays0836-1398
1223      Physics of Plasmas1070-664X 1089-7674
1133      Physics of the Solid State
(aka Fizika Tverdogo Tela)
0367-3294 1063-7834 1090-6460
201448      Remote Sensing2072-4292
1299      Shock Waves: an international journal on shock waves, detonations and explosions0938-1287 1432-2153
20649      The Physics Teacher0031-921X 1943-4928
1300      Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics0935-4964 1432-2250
201667      Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control1477-0369 0142-3312
16928      Ultrasonics0041-624X 1874-9968
1042      Vacuum0042-207X 1879-2715
1302      Wave Motion0165-2125
1303      Waves in Random and Complex Media0959-7174 1745-5030
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