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2010 finalised journals in a Field of Research

1901: Art Theory and Criticism

ERA Journal IDRankingTitleISSN
9851      A*Art Bulletin0004-3079 1559-6478
9853      A*Art History: journal of the Association of Art Historians0141-6790 1467-8365
9856      A*Art Journal0004-3249
8345      A*British Journal of Aesthetics0007-0904 1468-2842
6934      A*Burlington Magazine0007-6287
9963      A*Fashion Theory1362-704X 1751-7419
10354      A*Grey Room1526-3819 1536-0105
40513      A*Ligeia: dossiers sur l'art0989-6023
10474      A*October0162-2870 1536-013X
35737      A*Performance Research: a journal of the performing arts1352-8165 1469-9990
7564      A*Renaissance Quarterly0034-4338 1935-0236
7565      A*Renaissance Studies0269-1213 1477-4658
35596      AAbout Performance1324-6089
41449      AAnimation Journal1061-0308
9854      AArt in America0004-3214
31299      AArte Medievale0393-7267
9872      AAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Art1443-4318 0314-6464
41461      AAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy1833-9948
9873      AAustralian Art Education1032-1942
10441      ABulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities0081-5691
35775      AEtudes Photographiques1270-9050
9975      AGoya: revista de arte0017-2715
9984      AHistory of Photography0308-7298
10405      AJournal of Visual Culture1470-4129 1741-2994
10047      AMaster Drawings: devoted exclusively to the study and illustration of drawings0025-5025
10051      AMelbourne Art Journal1329-9441
10469      ANineteenth-Century Art Worldwide1543-1002
10118      AOud - Holland: quarterly for Dutch art history0030-672X 1875-0176
10119      AOxford Art Journal0142-6540 1741-7287
10126      APAJ: a journal of performance and art1520-281X 1537-9477 0735-8393
10124      APerformance Paradigm1832-5580
10501      AReading Room: a journal of art and culture1177-2549
10175      ASimiolus: Netherlands quarterly for the history of art0037-5411 1875-6379
5439      AStudies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes1460-1176 1943-2186 0144-5170
10190      ATDR: the journal of performance studies1054-2043 1531-4715 0012-5962
10193      ATextile: the journal of cloth and culture1475-9756 1751-8350
10277      AThe British Art Journal: the research journal of British art studies1467-2006
35798      AThird Text: third world perspectives on contemporary art and culture0952-8822 1475-5297
9624      AVisual Anthropology0894-9468 1545-5920
10573      AVisual Arts Research: educational, historical, philosophical and psychological perspectives0736-0770
10206      AVisual Resources: an international journal of documentation0197-3762 1477-2809
7852      BActa ad Archaeologiam et Artium Historiam Pertinentia0065-0900
35703      BAfterimage: the journal of media arts and cultural criticism0300-7472
10225      BAmerican Art: the journal of the Smithsonian American Art Museum1073-9300 1549-6503
10241      BAnzeiger des Germanischen Nationalmuseums1430-5496 0934-5191
10243      BArchives of Asian Art0066-6637 1944-6497
9849      BArchivo Espanol de Arte0004-0428 1988-8511
35706      BArs Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art1565-6721
40167      BArt and Australia0004-301X
10246      BArt Bulletin of Victoria0066-7935
9852      BArt Criticism0195-4148
35708      BArt Monthly Australia1033-4025
35835      BArtlink: Australian contemporary art quarterly0727-1239
35730      BBroadsheet0007-2044
9927      BCritica d Arte0011-1511
35235      BEarly Popular Visual Culture1746-0654 1746-0662 1467-0577
34543      BEyeline0818-8734
34791      BIntermedialites1705-8546
10292      BJournal for the Cantor Center for Visual Art at Stanford University1081-4825 1530-0218
10280      BJournal of New Zealand Art History1176-2276 0110-4888
31309      BJournal of the Walters Art Gallery0083-7156
10035      BKonsthistorisk Tidskrift0023-3609 1651-2294
10053      BMetropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin0026-1521
10484      BPapers on Surrealism1750-1954
35809      BParachute0318-7020
35842      BPhotofile0811-0859
10177      BSource: Notes in the History of Art0737-4453
10549      BStudies in Iconography0148-1029
10388      BThe Journal of Canadian Art History0315-4297
34593      BThe La Trobe Journal1441-3760
34837      BVisual Culture in Britain1471-4787
10211      BWomans Art Journal0270-7993
10221      CActa Historiae Artis Slovenica1408-0419
9848      CArchives of American Art Journal0003-9853
10245      CArs Orientalis: the arts of Asia, Southeast Asia and Islam0571-1371
41479      CArte Documento1121-0524 2014-1850
10272      CBiuletyn Historii Sztuki0006-3967
10281      CBullettino Storico Empolese0007-5795
10284      CCadernos de Pos-Graduacao em Educacao, Arte e Historia da Cultura1519-776X
9259      CCyfrwng: Media Wales Journal - Cyfnodolyn Cyfrangau Cymru1742-9234
35962      Cemaj: electronic Melbourne art journal1835-6656
10384      CIrish Arts Review1649-217X 0791-3540
7334      CJournal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies1060-149X
10227      CJournal of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works0197-1360
10157      CLa Revue des Musees de France1962-4271 0035-2608
10434      CMuenchener Jahrbuch der Bildenden Kunst0077-1899
10459      CNKA: journal of contemporary African art1075-7163
40969      CRaw Vision0955-1182
10519      CRocznik Historii Sztuki0080-3472
40515      CRunway1448-8000
41111      CSouth African Journal of Art History0258-3542
40917      CThe Court Historian1462-9712
39930      CThe International Journal of the Arts in Society1833-1866
10591      CZeitschrift fuer Aesthetik und Allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft0044-2186
40514      Not RankedColumn1835-3487
41179      Not RankedJournal of Modern Craft1749-6772 1749-6780
35810      Not RankedPhotographies1754-0763 1754-0771
34820      Not RankedPhotography and Culture1751-4517 1751-4525
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