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2010 finalised journals in a Field of Research

1301: Education Systems

ERA Journal IDRankingTitleISSN
20741      A*Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education1359-866X 1469-2945 0311-2136
20791      A*Education and Training0040-0912 1758-6127
19331      A*Studies in Higher Education0307-5079 1470-174X
20794      AAdult Education Quarterly: a journal of research and theory0741-7136 1552-3047
20795      AAustralian Journal of Adult Learning1443-1394 1035-0462
20168      AAustralian Journal of Early Childhood0312-5033
20170      AContemporary Issues in Early Childhood1463-9491
6231      AEarly Childhood Research Quarterly0885-2006 1873-7706
36400      AEducational Research Review1747-938X
20368      AHigher Education in Europe0379-7724 1469-8358
19329      AHigher Education Quarterly0951-5224 1468-2273
20357      AHigher Education Review0018-1609
20349      AHigher Education: the international journal of higher education and educational planning0018-1560 1573-174X
20792      AInternational Journal of Lifelong Education0260-1370 1464-519X
19312      AJournal of Higher Education0022-1546 1538-4640
19321      AJournal of Vocational Education and Training1363-6820 1747-5090
20358      AQuality in Higher Education1353-8322 1470-1081
20352      AResearch in Higher Education0361-0365 1573-188X
20793      AStudies in Continuing Education0158-037X 1470-126X
20797      AStudies in the Education of Adults0266-0830
20231      AThe Elementary School Journal0013-5984 1554-8279
19324      BActive Learning in Higher Education1469-7874 1741-2625
20815      BAdult Basic Education and Literacy Journal1934-2322 1052-231X
6094      BApplied Measurement in Education0895-7347 1532-4818
40227      BAsia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education1175-2882
40310      BAustralasian Journal of Engineering Education1325-4340 1324-5821
20369      BAustralian Universities' Review0818-8068
20801      BAustralian Vocational Education Review1321-3954
12662      BBritish Journal of Religious Education0141-6200 1740-7931
20807      BCanadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education0835-4944
20765      BChildhood Education0009-4056
20125      BCritical Studies in Education1750-8487 1750-8495 0076-6275
41129      BDecision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education1540-4595 1540-4609
20803      BDistance Education0158-7919 1475-0198
20172      BEarly Child Development and Care0300-4430 1476-8275
20176      BEarly Childhood Research and Practice: an internet journal on the development, care, and education of young children1524-5039
20174      BEarly Years: an international journal of research and development0957-5146 1472-4421
20132      BEducation in Rural Australia1036-0026
19928      BEducation Policy Analysis Archives1068-2341
20537      BEducational Gerontology: an international journal0360-1277 1521-0472
40573      BEuropean Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning1027-5207
20799      BEuropean Journal Vocational Training0378-5092 0258-7483 0378-5068
20370      BInnovative Higher Education0742-5627 1573-1758
36401      BInternational Journal of Child Care and Education Policy1976-5681
40467      BInternational Journal of Early Childhood0020-7187
20173      BInternational Journal of Early Years Education0966-9760 1469-8463
40813      BInternational Journal of Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood (IJEIEC)1448-6318
20374      BInternational Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (Print Edition)1467-6370 1758-6739
20354      BInternational Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education1812-9129
20802      BInternational Journal of Training Research1448-0220 1039-4001
20798      BInternational Journal of Vocational Education and Training1075-2455
20764      BInternational Journal of Whole Schooling1710-2146
20804      BInternational Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning1492-3831
35702      BJiaoyu Yanjiu1002-5731
20800      BJournal of Adult and Continuing Education1477-9714 1361-7788
35671      BJournal of Catholic School Studies1834-7258 0813-5827 0045-6780
12773      BJournal of Christian Education0021-9657
20528      BJournal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions0894-1912 1554-558X
35922      BJournal of Critical Pedagogy1097-4121
20175      BJournal of Early Childhood Research1476-718X 1741-2927
19330      BJournal of Further and Higher Education0309-877X 1469-9486 0013-1326
20135      BJournal of Research in Rural Education1062-4228 1551-0670
20366      BJournal of University Teaching and Learning Practice1449-9789
20376      BOn the Horizon: the strategic planning resource for education professionals1074-8121
20367      BResearch in Post-Compulsory Education1359-6748 1747-5112
20364      BReview of Higher Education0162-5748 1090-7009
20446      BSystem0346-251X 1879-3282
20806      BWidening Participation and Lifelong Learning1466-6529
44324      CAcademe0190-2946
19961      CAcademic Leadership1533-7812
40973      CAdvanced Technology for Learning1710-2251
44446      CAdvances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities0735-004X
20816      CAmerican Journal of Distance Education0892-3647 1538-9286
20060      CAmerican Secondary Education0003-1003
40809      CAsia Journal of Global Studies1884-0337 1884-0264
20811      CATEA Journal0889-6488
20171      CAustralian Research in Early Childhood Education1320-6648
40986      CBritish Journal of Engineering Education1470-4692
20184      CCanadian Children0833-7519
20390      CCanadian Journal of Higher Education0316-1218
20824      CCareer and Technical Education Research1554-754X 1554-7558 0739-3369
20605      CCatholic Education Circular1324-5333
20599      CCatholic Education: a journal of inquiry and practice1097-9638
41574      CCentre for Research in International Education: Research Paper Series1176-7383
40712      CChange: Transformations in Education1441-9319 0015-8542
20488      CChildren and Schools: a journal of social work practice1532-8759 1545-682X 0162-7961
20602      CChristian Higher Education1536-3759 1539-4107
20785      CChudeng Jiaoyu Xuebao1025-1944
20380      CCollege and University0010-0889
20397      CCollege Composition and Communication0010-096X 1939-9006
20399      CCollege Student Journal: a journal pertaining to college students0146-3934
20381      CCollege Teaching8756-7555 1930-8299
20400      CCommunity College Journal of Research and Practice1066-8926 1521-0413
20401      CCommunity College Review0091-5521 1940-2325
20402      CCommunity Education Journal0045-7736
41915      CComputers in New Zealand Schools0114-4081
20814      CConcept: the journal of contemporary community education practice theory1359-1983
20778      CCurrent Issues in Middle Level Education1059-7107 1938-1611
41458      CDas Hochschulwesen0018-2974
20205      CDelta Pi Epsilon Journal0011-8052
35696      Ce-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship of Teaching1835-9132
20151      CE-Journal of Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings1545-9055
20179      CEarly Childhood Education Journal1082-3301 1573-1707 0092-4199
20182      CEarly Education and Development1040-9289 1556-6935
20762      CEducation 3-13: the professional journal for primary education0300-4279
20061      CEducation in the North: the journal of Scottish education0424-5512
20177      CEuropean Early Childhood Education Research Journal1350-293X 1752-1807
41432      CFirst Years Ng? Tau Tuatahi1175-0529
40931      CGlobal Education1009-9670 1008-3677
41816      CHigher Education Management and Policy1682-3451
20155      CHome School Researcher1054-8033
19950      CImproving Schools1365-4802 1475-7583
19317      CIndustry and Higher Education0950-4222
40815      CInnovate (North Miami): journal of online education1552-3233
20818      CInternational Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance1873-0388 1573-1782 1023-8921
40180      CInternational Journal of Educational Integrity1833-2595
39607      CInternational Journal of Educational Policy, Research and Practice1528-3534 1531-2763
41268      CInternational Journal of Management in Education1750-385X 1750-3868
40574      CInternational Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies1548-1093
20069      CInternational Schools Journal0264-7281
40750      CJournal of Applied Measurement1529-7713
20385      CJournal of Applied Research in the Community College1068-610X
20825      CJournal of Career and Technical Education1531-4952 1533-1830
20404      CJournal of College Admission0734-6670
20342      CJournal of College Reading and Learning1079-0195
20391      CJournal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory and Practice1521-0251 1541-4167
14106      CJournal of Continuing Education in Nursing0022-0124 1938-2472
20546      CJournal of Continuing Education Topics and Issues1522-8606 0746-9217
20405      CJournal of Continuing Higher Education0737-7363
20822      CJournal of Distance Education0830-0445
20180      CJournal of Early Childhood Literacy1468-7984 1741-2919
20181      CJournal of Early Childhood Teacher Education1090-1027 1745-5642
41762      CJournal of Education for International Understanding1975-5244
41044      CJournal of Educational Planning and Administration0971-3859
44880      CJournal of Engineering Technology0747-9964
20826      CJournal of Extension (Online)1077-5315
20386      CJournal of Higher Education in Africa: an interdisciplinary international journal of research and policy0851-7762
20408      CJournal of Hispanic Higher Education1538-1927 1552-5716
30066      CJournal of Institutional Research (South East Asia)1675-6061
41050      CJournal of Postgraduate Medicine0022-3859 0972-2823
20601      CJournal of Research on Christian Education1065-6219 1934-4945
40242      CJournal of Student Wellbeing1835-7806
20409      CJournal of the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition1542-3077 1053-203X
20410      CJournal on Excellence in College Teaching1052-4800 1945-2993
20809      CLearning Communities: international journal of adult and vocational learning1329-1440
20810      CLifelong Learning in Europe1239-6826
40850      CMalaysian Journal of Distance Education1511 6433
40800      CMcGill Journal of Education0024-9033 1916-0666
20411      CNACADA Journal0271-9517
20511      CNCSSSMST Journal1084-6522
35683      CNew Zealand Journal of Adult Learning0112-224X 1177-3138
42023      CNew Zealand Journal of Educational Leadership1176-0017
20183      CNHS A Dialog: a research-to-practice journal for the early intervention field1524-0754 1930-9325 1089-2583
20377      COpen Learning0268-0513 1469-9958
20144      COur Schools Our Selves0840-7339
40812      COutlines: critical social studies1399-5510
20412      CPlanning for Higher Education0736-0983 0037-9719
41093      CPreventing School Failure1045-988X 1940-4387
41095      CProblems of Education in the 21st Century1822-7864
40634      CReclaiming Children and Youth: the journal of strength-based interventions1089-5701
41101      CResearch and Development in Higher Education Series0156-8884
20077      CResearch in the Schools1085-5300
3548      CRhizome1832-2328
20145      CRural Educator0273-446X
41104      CSAARC Journal of Educational Research1391-1880
20153      CSchool Community Journal1059-308X
20388      CSouth African Journal of Higher Education1011-3487
37109      CTeaching Philosophy0145-5788
41122      CTechnology Source1532-0030
20080      CThe Clearing House0009-8655 1939-912X
20783      CThe High School Journal0018-1498 1534-5157
20148      CThe International Journal on School Disaffection1478-8497 1747-9207
20407      CThe Journal of Graduate Education1354-0653
41838      CThe Journal of Human Resources and Adult Learning1817-2105
20413      CThought and Action0748-8475
20769      CTurkish Online Journal of Distance Education1302-6488
20395      CUnicorn Online Refereed Articles1447-5111 0311-4775
20146      CUrban Education0042-0859 1552-8340
20178      CYC: Young Children1538-6619 1941-2002 0044-0728
40240      Not RankedContemporary Issues in Education Research1940-5847
41739      Not RankedInternational Education Studies1913-9020 1913-9039
40300      Not RankedJournal of International Education in Business1836-3261
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