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Journals on 2008 draft list in a Field of Research


A*Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
A*Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
A*British Journal of Educational Technology0007-1013
A*Comparative Education0305-0068
A*Computers & Education0360-1315
A*Educational Administration Quarterly0013-161X
A*Exceptional Children0014-4029
A*Journal of Learning Disabilities0022-2194
A*Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools0161-1461
A*Teachers College Record0161-4681
A*Teaching and Teacher Education0742-051X
AAsia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and Development
AAssessment in Education
AAustralasian Journal of Educational Technology
AAustralasian Journal of Special Education
AAustralian Educational Computing0816-9020
AAustralian Journal of Teacher Education
ACognition and Instruction0737-0008
AComparative Education Review0010-4086
ACompare-a Journal of Comparative Education0305-7925
AEducational Management Administration and Leadership1741-1432
AEducational Research and Evaluation1380-3611
AEducational Technology & Society1436-4522
AEducational Technology Research and Development1042-1629
AEvaluation and Research in Education
AGender and Education0954-0253
AGifted Child Quarterly0016-9862
AInstructional Science0020-4277
AInternational Journal of Disability Development and Education
AInternational Journal of Inclusive Education
AInternational Journal of Leadership in Education
AInternational Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education0951-8398
AJournal of Computer Assisted Learning0266-4909
AJournal of Education for Teaching0260-7476
AJournal of Educational Administration0022-0639
AJournal of Higher Education Policy and Management1360-080X
AJournal of In-Service Education1367-4587
AJournal of Teacher Education0022-4871
AJournal of Technology and Teacher Education
AJournal of Transformative Education
ALearning and Instruction0959-4752
ALinguistics and Education0898-5898
ARace Ethnicity and Education1361-3324
ARemedial and Special Education0741-9325
ASchool Effectiveness and School Improvement0924-3453
ASociety for Research in Child Development
ATeachers and Teaching
ATheory Into Practice0040-5841
BAction in Teacher Education
BAmerican Annals of the Deaf0002-726X
BAnnals of Dyslexia0736-9387
BApplied Measurement in Education0895-7347
BAssistive Technology1040-0435
BAustralasian Journal of Gifted Education
BAustralian Educational Leader
BAustralian Journal of Guidance and Counselling
BAustralian Journal of Indigenous Education
BAustralian Journal of Learning Disabilities
BBritish Journal of Special Education0952-3383
BEducation Leadership Review
BEducational and Psychological Measurement0013-1644
BEducational Evaluation and Policy Analysis0162-3737
BEducational Leadership0013-1784
BEducational Measurement
BEducational Media International
BElectronic Journal for the Integration of Technology in Education
BEthnography and Education
BEuropean Journal of Special Needs in Education
BEuropean Journal of Teacher Education0261-9768
BEvaluation Review0193-841X
BFocus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
BHigh Ability Studies1359-8139
BInteractive Learning Environments1049-4820
BIntercultural Education
BInternational Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning1206-9620
BInternational Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning1382-3892
BInternational Journal of Educational Development0738-0593
BInternational Journal of Educational Management0951-354X
BInternational Journal of Educational Technology
BInternational Journal of Learning
BInternational Journal of Learning and Change1740-2875
BInternational Journal on E-Learning
BInternational Studies in Educational Administration
BInternet and Higher Education1096-7516
BJournal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching
BJournal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education1081-4159
BJournal of Early Intervention1053-8151
BJournal of Education and Work1363-9080
BJournal of Educational Change1389-2843
BJournal of Educational Measurement0022-0655
BJournal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
BJournal of Experimental Education0022-0973
BJournal of Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education1541-0889
BJournal of Instructional Science and Technology
BJournal of Intellectual Disability Research0964-2633
BJournal of Interactive Learning Research1093-023X
BJournal of Jewish Education
BJournal of Moral Education0305-7240
BJournal of Postcolonial Education
BJournal of Psychoeducational Assessment0734-2829
BJournal of Research in International Education
BJournal of Research on Technology in Education
BJournal of Special Education0022-4669
BJournal of Strategic Management Education
BJournal of the Learning Sciences1050-8406
BLeadership and Policy in Schools
BLeading and Managing
BLearning and Individual Differences1041-6080
BLearning and Motivation0023-9690
BLearning Disability Quarterly0731-9487
BLearning Environments Research1387-1579
BMeasurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development0748-1756
BMentoring and Tutoring
BResearch in Developmental Disabilities0891-4222
BSchool Leadership and Management
BSpecial Education Perspectives
BStudying Teacher Education
BTeacher Development1366-4530
BTeacher Education and Practice
BTeacher Education Quarterly
BTeacher Educator
BTeaching Education1047-6210
BTechnology Instruction Cognition and Learning
BTertiary Education and Management1358-3883
BTopics in Early Childhood Special Education0271-1214
CAASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice
CAcademic Leadership1533-7812
CAction Learning
CAssessing Writing1075-2935
CAssessment for Effective Intervention
CAustralian Journal of Career Development
CBritish Journal of Developmental Disabilities0969-7950
CBritish Journal of Learning Disabilities1354-4187
CCanadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy
CCanadian Journal of Native Education
CChristian Teachers Journal
CCommunication Disorders Quarterly
CComputers and Composition8755-4615
CComputers in Education Journal1069-3769
CComputers in the Schools0738-0569
CContemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
CCounselor Education and Supervision0011-0035
CCurrent Issues in Comparative Education
CDeafness and Education International1464-3154
CDevelopment Education Journal
CDiaspora Indigenous and Minority Education
CEducation and Information Technologies1360-2357
CEducation and Training in Developmental Disabilities1547-0350
CEducation and Treatment of Children0748-8491
CEducation Through Technology
CEducational Assessment1062-7197
CEducational Planning
CEmotional and Behavioral Difficulties
CEquity and Excellence in Education
CExceptionality Education Canada
CFlexible Online Learning
CGifted Education International
CInformation Technology in Childhood Education Annual
CInternational Information, Communication and Education (India)
CInternational Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
CInternational Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
CInternational Journal of Distance Education Technologies1539-3100
CInternational Journal of Education and Development Using Information and Communication Technology
CInternational Journal of Educational Advancement
CInternational Journal of Educational Reform
CInternational Journal of Innovation and Learning1471-8197
CInternational Journal of Instructional Media
CInternational Journal of Interactive Technology and Smart Education
CInternational Journal of Knowledge and Learning
CInternational Journal of Learning Technology
CInternational Journal of Special Education0827-3383
CInternational Journal of Testing
CIntervention in School and Clinic1053-4512
CIslamic Education
CJournal for the Education of the Gifted0162-3532
CJournal for Vocational Special Needs Education
CJournal of Accelerated Learning and Teaching
CJournal of Access Policy and Practice
CJournal of Advanced Academics
CJournal of American Indian Education
CJournal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
CJournal of Behavioral Education1053-0819
CJournal of Cases in Educational Leadership
CJournal of Classroom Interaction
CJournal of Cognitive Affective Learning
CJournal of College Student Development0897-5264
CJournal of Computing in Teacher Education
CJournal of Cooperative Education and Internships
CJournal of Correctional Education
CJournal of Developmental Education
CJournal of Education and Social Change
CJournal of Education for Students Placed at Risk
CJournal of Educational Computing Research0735-6331
CJournal of Educational Enquiry1444-5530
CJournal of Educational Technology Systems
CJournal of Educational Thought0022-0701
CJournal of Humanistic Counseling Education and Development
CJournal of Indian Education
CJournal of Intellectual Disabilities1744-6295
CJournal of Interactive Media in Education
CJournal of Language Identity and Education
CJournal of Music Teacher Education
CJournal of Negro Education0022-2984
CJournal of Personnel Evaluation in Education0920-525X
CJournal of Postsecondary Education and Disability
CJournal of Research for Educational Leaders
CJournal of Research in Special Educational Needs1471-3802
CJournal of Rural and Remote Health Research Education Practice and Policy
CJournal of School Leadership
CJournal of School Nursing
CJournal of School Violence1538-8220
CJournal of Special Education Technology
CJournal of Student Centered Learning
CJournal of Teaching in the Addictions
CJournal of Women in Educational Leadership
CKnowledge Quest
CLanguage Learning & Technology1094-3501
CLearning Disabilities Research and Practice
CLearning Media and Technology
CLiberal Education0024-1822
CManagement in Education
CMuslim Education Quarterly
CNassp Bulletin
CNational Association of Student Affairs Professionals Journal
CNational Forum Teacher Education Journal
CNew Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work
COnline Journal of Distance Learning Administration
COxford Studies in Comparative Education0961-2149
CPerformance Improvement Quarterly
CPractical Assessment Research and Evaluation
CProfessional Educator
CProfessional School Counseling
CQualitative Inquiry1077-8004
CQualitative Research Journal
CQuality Assurance in Education0968-4883
CRace Equality Teaching
CRE :View
CResearch and Teaching in Developmental Education
CRural Special Education Quarterly
CStudies in Educational Evaluation0191-491X
CStudies in Learning Evaluation Innovation and Development
CSupport for Learning
CTeacher Education and Special Education
CTeaching Statistics
CThinking Classroom
CThresholds in Education
CTizard Learning Disability Review
CUrban Review
CVolta Review0042-8639
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