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Journals on 2008 draft list in a Field of Research


A*Academic Medicine1040-2446
A*Educational Studies in Mathematics0013-1954
A*International Journal of Education and the Arts
A*International Journal of Science Education0950-0693
A*International Journal of Technology and Design Education0957-7572
A*Journal for Research in Mathematics Education0021-8251
A*Journal of Architectural Education1046-4883
A*Journal of Curriculum Studies0022-0272
A*Journal of Religious Education
A*Journal of Research in Science Teaching0022-4308
A*Journal of Teaching in Physical Education0273-5024
A*Legal Education Review
A*Management Learning1350-5076
A*Medical Education0308-0110
A*Nursing Outlook0029-6554
A*Reading Research Quarterly0034-0553
A*Science Education0036-8326
A*Sport Education and Society1357-3322
A*Theory and Research in Social Education0093-3104
AAdvances in Health Sciences Education1382-4996
AArts and Humanities in Higher Education
AAustralian Art Education
AAustralian Journal of Language and Literacy
AAustralian Journal of Outdoor Education
AAustralian Online Journal of Arts Education
ABMC Medical Education1472-6920
ABritish Journal of Music Education
ACollege Literature0093-3139
AComputer Science Education
ACurriculum and Teaching
ACurriculum Inquiry0362-6784
AEnglish for Specific Purposes0889-4906
AEnglish in Australia
AEnvironmental Education Research
AEuropean Physical Education Review1356-336X
AFor the Learning of Mathematics
AHealth Education & Behavior1090-1981
AHealth Education Research0268-1153
AInternational Journal for Academic Development
AInternational Journal of Engineering Education0949-149X
AInternational Journal of Science and Mathematics Education1571-0068
AInternational Journal of Social Education
AJournal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy1081-3004
AJournal of Education for Library and Information Science0748-5786
AJournal of Engineering Education1069-4730
AJournal of Mathematical Behavior0732-3123
AJournal of Mathematics Teacher Education1386-4416
AJournal of Nursing Education0148-4834
AJournal of Research in Reading0141-0423
AJournal of Science Teacher Education1046-560X
AJournal of Technology Education1045-1064
AJournal of the International Society for Music Education
AMathematics Education Research Journal
AMedical Teacher0142-159X
AModern Language Journal0026-7902
ANurse Education Today0260-6917
APhysical Education and Sport Pedagogy
AReading Teacher0034-0561
AResearch in Science and Technological Education
AResearch in Science Education0157-244X
AResearch in the Teaching of English0034-527X
AReview of Education Pedagogy and Cultural Studies
ASchool Science Review
ASex Education1468-1811
AStudies in Science Education
ATechnology Pedagogy and Education
BAccounting Education
BAdvances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations
BArt Education
BArts and Learning Research
BAsia Pacific Media Educator
BAustralasian Journal of Engineering Education
BAustralian Journal of Environmental Education
BAustralian Journal of Music Education
BAustralian Primary Mathematics Classroom
BBilingual Research Journal
BBiochemistry and Molecular Biology Education1470-8175
BBritish Journal of Teaching Physical Education
BCanadian Journal of Science Mathematics and Technology Education
BChanging English
BChild Language Teaching and Therapy0265-6590
BChildrens Literature in Education0045-6713
BClinical Teacher1743-4971
BCultural Studies of Science Education1871-1502
BCurriculum Journal
BCurriculum Perspectives
BDesign and Technology Education
BEducation for Information0167-8329
BEuropean Journal of Engineering Education
BFocus on Health Professional Education
BGeographical Education
BHealth Education0965-4283
BHealth Education Journal0017-8969
BIEEE Transactions on Education0018-9359
BInformation Technology Education and Society
BInternational Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
BInternational Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education
BInternational Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism1367-0050
BInternational Journal of Clinical Legal Education
BInternational Journal of Construction Education and Research1550-3984
BInternational Journal of Education Through Art
BInternational Journal of Management Education
BInternational Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology0020-739X
BInternational Journal of Music Education0255-7614
BInternational Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship1548-923X
BInternational Research in Geographical and Environmental Education1038-2046
BIRAL-International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching0019-042X
BJournal for Education in the Built Environment
BJournal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning
BJournal of Biological Education0021-9266
BJournal of Chemical Education0021-9584
BJournal of Computing in Higher Education
BJournal of Economic Education0022-0485
BJournal of Elementary Science Education
BJournal of Geography in Higher Education0309-8265
BJournal of Korean Language Education
BJournal of Law & Education0275-6072
BJournal of Legal Education0022-2208
BJournal of Literacy Research1086-296X
BJournal of Management Education
BJournal of Peace Education
BJournal of Physical Education Recreation and Dance
BJournal of Psychoeducational Assessment0734-2829
BJournal of Reading Education
BJournal of Social Work Education1043-7797
BJournal of Statistics Education1069-1898
BLanguage and Education0950-0782
BLanguage Teaching Research1362-1688
BLiteracy and Numeracy Studies
BMathematical Thinking and Learning
BMathematics Teacher Education and Development
BMusic Education Research
BNursing Education Perspectives1536-5026
BPedagogy Culture and Society
BReligion and Education
BReligious Education0034-4087
BResearch in Dance Education
BResearch Studies in Music Education
BSchool Science and Mathematics
BScience and Education0926-7220
BScience Education Review
BScientific Studies of Reading1088-8438
BSocial Work Education
BStudies in Art Education
BTeaching and Learning in Medicine1040-1334
BTeaching Children Mathematics
BTeaching Science
BWorld Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education
CAcademic Psychiatry1042-9670
CAction Criticism and Theory for Music Education
CAdvances in Physiology Education1043-4046
CAfrican Journal for Physical Health Education Recreation and Dance
CAmerican Journal of Health Education1055-6699
CAmerican Journal of Pharmaceutical Education0002-9459
CAmerican String Teacher
CAnnals of Behavioral Science and Medical Education
CApplied Environmental Education and Communication
CAsia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
CAsian Journal of English Language Teaching
CAsiapacific Medieducator
CAstronomy Education Review
CAustralasian Journal of Economics Education
CAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Law and Education
CAustralian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
CAustralian Journal of Education in Chemistry
CBiology Education
CBulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education0010-9894
CCanadian Art Teacher
CCanadian Journal of Environmental Education
CCanadian Journal of Learning and Technology
CCanadian Music Educator
CCanadian Review of Art Education
CCanadian Review of Art Education Research and Issues
CCBE Life Sciences Education1931-7913
CCentre for Education in the Built Environment Transactions
CChemical Educator
CChemistry Education
CChemistry Education Research and Practice1109-4028
CCitizenship Social and Economics Education
CCollege English0010-0994
CCommunication Education0363-4523
CComposition Forum
CComputer Education
CContributions to Music Education
CCouncil for Research in Music Education Bulletin
CDiscourse (Heslington)
CEA Journal
CEducation and Health0265-1602
CEducation and Law Journal
CEducation for Chemical Engineers
CEducation for Primary Care1473-9879
CEducation in Chemistry0013-1350
CElectronic Journal of Science Education
CEngineering Education0022-0809
CEnglish Education0007-8204
CEnglish Quarterly
CFocus on Learning Problems in Mathematics
CGlobal Journal of Engineering Education
CHealth Educator
CHiroshima Journal of Mathematics Education
CHistory Teacher
CHuman Service Education
CIndian Journal of Open Learning
CInternational Electronic Journal of Health Education
CInternational Journal of Art & Design Education1476-8062
CInternational Journal of History Learning Teaching and Research
CInternational Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education
CInternational Journal of Information and Operations Management Education
CInternational Review of Economics Education
CIssues in the Undergraduate Mathematics Preparation of School Teachers
CJapanese Language Education Around the Globe (Sekai no naka no nihongo kyooiku)
CJazz Education Journal
CJournal of Adult Theological Education
CJournal of Aesthetic Education0021-8510
CJournal of Agricultural Education
CJournal of Agricultural Education and Extension
CJournal of Alcohol and Drug Education0090-1482
CJournal of Baltic Science Education
CJournal of Basic Writing
CJournal of Chiropractic Education
CJournal of Cognitive Education
CJournal of College Science Teaching
CJournal of Criminal Justice Education1051-1253
CJournal of Cultural Research and Art Education
CJournal of Dental Education0022-0337
CJournal of Education for Business
CJournal of Education for Management Information Systems
CJournal of Environmental Education0095-8964
CJournal of Geoscience Education1089-9995
CJournal of Holocaust Education
CJournal of Industrial Teacher Education
CJournal of Informatics Education and Research
CJournal of Information Systems Education
CJournal of Information Technology Education
CJournal of International Business Education
CJournal of Legal Studies Education
CJournal of Microbiology and Biology Education
CJournal of Museum Education
CJournal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
CJournal of Nutrition Education and Behavior1499-4046
CJournal of Physical Education New Zealand
CJournal of Political Science Education
CJournal of Reading Writing and Literacy
CJournal of Research in Childhood Education0256-8543
CJournal of Research in Music Education0022-4294
CJournal of Science Education and Technology1059-0145
CJournal of Security Education1550-7890
CJournal of Stem Education
CJournal of Teaching in International Business0897-5930
CJournal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association
CJournal of Urban Education
CJournal of Visual Literacy
CL1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature
CLanguage and Literacy
CLearning in Health and Social Care
CLearning Languages
CLiteracy Learning
CMathematics and Computer Education
CMichigan Journal of Community Service Learning
CMissouri Journal of Research in Music Education
CNational Centre for History Education
CNurse Education in Practice1471-5953
COhio Reading Teacher
COptometric Education
CPastoral Care in Education
CPerspective on Physician Assistant Education
CPhilosophy of Music Education
CPhysics Education0031-9120
CPhysics Teacher0031-921X
CQueensland Journal of Music Education
CReading and Writing0922-4777
CReading and Writing Quarterly1057-3569
CReading Horizons
CReading Matrix
CReading Research and Instruction0886-0246
CRELC Journal
CResearch and Issues in Music Education
CResearch in Drama Education
CResonance-Journal of Science Education
CScience Education International
CScience Educator
CScreen Education
CSlavic and East European Journal0037-6752
CSocial Education0037-7724
CSound Ideas
CSoutheastern Journal of Music Education
CTeaching Artist Journal
CTeaching Mathematics and Its Applications0268-3679
CTeaching Public Administration
CTeaching Theology and Religion
CTesl Canada Journal
CTesol in Context
CWriting Center Journal
CWriting Instructor
CWychowanie Muzyczne W Szkole
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