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Journals on 2008 draft list in a Field of Research


A*Annals of Statistics0090-5364
A*Journal of Business & Economic Statistics0735-0015
A*Journal of Quality Technology0022-4065
A*Journal of the American Statistical Association0162-1459
A*Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B-Statistical Methodology1369-7412
A*Mathematical Finance0960-1627
A*Mathematics of Operations Research0364-765X
A*Review of Economics and Statistics0034-6535
A*Statistical Methods in Medical Research0962-2802
A*Statistical Science0883-4237
AAdvances in Applied Probability0001-8678
AAmerican Statistician0003-1305
AAnnales de L Institut Henri Poincare-Probabilites et Statistiques0246-0203
AAnnals of Applied Probability1050-5164
AAnnals of Probability0091-1798
ABritish Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology0007-1102
AEnvironmental and Ecological Statistics1352-8505
AEuropean Journal of Operational Research0377-2217
AFinance and Stochastics0949-2984
AInternational Statistical Review0306-7734
AJournal of Computational and Graphical Statistics1061-8600
AJournal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A-Statistics in Society0964-1998
AJournal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C-Applied Statistics0035-9254
AMultivariate Behavioral Research0027-3171
AOxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics0305-9049
AProbabilistic Engineering Mechanics0266-8920
AProbability Theory and Related Fields0178-8051
AQuantitative Finance1469-7688
AQueueing Systems0257-0130
ARandom Structures & Algorithms1042-9832
AScandinavian Journal of Statistics0303-6898
AStatistica Sinica1017-0405
AStatistics and Computing0960-3174
AStatistics in Medicine0277-6715
AStochastic Processes and their Applications0304-4149
BAequationes Mathematicae0001-9054
BAnnals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics0020-3157
BApplied Stochastic Models In Business And Industry1524-1904
BAustralian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics1369-1473
BBiometrical Journal0323-3847
BCanadian Journal of Statistics-Revue Canadienne de Statistique0319-5724
BCombinatorics Probability & Computing0963-5483
BCommunications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation0361-0918
BCommunications in Statistics-Theory and Methods0361-0926
BComputational Statistics0943-4062
BComputational Statistics & Data Analysis0167-9473
BElectronic Communications in Probability1083-589X
BElectronic Journal of Probability1083-6489
BInfinite Dimensional Analysis Quantum Probability and Related Topics0219-0257
BInternational Journal of Approximate Reasoning0888-613X
BInternational Journal of Game Theory0020-7276
BInternational Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
BJahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und Statistik0021-4027
BJournal of Agricultural Biological and Environmental Statistics1085-7117
BJournal of Applied Probability0021-9002
BJournal of Applied Statistics0266-4763
BJournal of Mathematics and Statistics1549-3644
BJournal of Multivariate Analysis0047-259X
BJournal of Nonparametric Statistics1048-5252
BJournal of Statistical Computation and Simulation0094-9655
BJournal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment1742-5468
BJournal of Statistical Planning and Inference0378-3758
BJournal of Statistical Software1548-7660
BJournal of the Australian Mathematical Society Series A-Pure Mathematics and Statistics0263-6115
BJournal of the Royal Statistical Society Series D-The Statistician0039-0526
BJournal of Theoretical Probability0894-9840
BJournal of Time Series Analysis0143-9782
BLifetime Data Analysis1380-7870
BMethodology and Computing in Applied Probability1387-5841
BOpen Systems & Information Dynamics1230-1612
BPharmaceutical Statistics1539-1604
BProbability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences0269-9648
BQuality & Quantity0033-5177
BReview of Quantitative Finance and Accounting0924-865X
BStatistica Neerlandica0039-0402
BStatistical Modelling1471-082X
BStatistical Papers0932-5026
BStatistics & Probability Letters0167-7152
BStochastic Analysis and Applications0736-2994
BStochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment1436-3240
BStochastic Models1532-6349
BStochastics and Dynamics0219-4937
BTheory of Probability and its Applications0040-585X
BUtilitas Mathematica0315-3681
CA St A - Advances in Statistical Analysis
CAdvances and applications in statistics
CAdvances in Data Analysis and Classification1862-5347
CAmerican Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences0196-6324
CAnnals of Applied Statistics
CApplied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis8755-0024
CAustralian Journal of Statistics0004-9581
CAustrian Journal of Statistics
CCalcutta Statistical Association Bulletin
CCommunications in Statistics-Stochastic Models
CDiscussiones Mathematicae Probability and Statistics
CFar East Journal of Theoretical Statistics
CFoundations and Trends in Stochastic Systems
CIMS Bulletin
CInsurance Mathematics & Economics0167-6687
CIntegral and Stochastic Geometry
CInternational Association for Official Statistics. Statistical Journal
CInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics & Statistics
CInternational Journal of Ecological Economics & Statistics
CInternational Journal of Statistics and Systems
CJ P Journal of Biostatistics
CJahrbuch fuer Wirtschaftswissenschaften
CJapanese Society of Computational Statistics. Journal
CJournal Electronique d'Histoire des Probabilites et de la Statistique
CJournal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis1048-9533
CJournal of Applied Statistical Science
CJournal of Data Science
CJournal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics1076-9986
CJournal of Grey System
CJournal of Mathematical Sociology0022-250X
CJournal of Official Statistics
CJournal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community1085-2352
CJournal of Statistical Research
CJournal of Statistical Studies
CJournal of Statistics and Management Systems
CJournal of Systems Science and Complexity1009-6124
CMathematical Methods of Operations Research1432-2994
CMathematical Methods of Statistics
CMathematics and Financial Economics
CMetron - International Journal of Statistics
CModel Assisted Statistics and Applications
CMonte Carlo Methods and Applications
CNonparametric Statistics
COperations Research Letters0167-6377
COyo Tokeigaku
CPakistan Journal of Statistics
CPakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research
CProbability and Mathematical Statistics
CProbability Surveys
CRandom Operators and Stochastic Equations
CRevista de Metodos Cuantitativos para la Economia y la Empresa
CRO. Operations Research. Recherche Op
CS T A R (Online)
CSage Race Relations Abstracts
CSankhya-The Indian Journal of Statistics Series A0581-572X
CSankhya-The Indian Journal of Statistics Series B0581-5738
CSchweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Volkswirtschaft und Statistik
CSequential Analysis0747-4946
CSORT Statistics and Operations Research Transactions
CSouth African Statistical Journal0038-271X
CStata Journal1536-867X
CState of the Art in Probability and Statistics
CStatistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland. Journal
CStatistical Inference for Stochastic Processes1387-0874
CStatistical Methodology1572-3127
CStatistical Methods and Applications1618-2510
CStatistics and Decisions
CStatistics Surveys
CStochastic Hydrology and Hydraulics0931-1955
CStochastics and Stochastics Reports
CStochastics: an international journal of probablitiy and stochastic processes
CTheory of probabaility and Mathematical Statistics
CUnderstanding Statistics
CZeitschrift Fur Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie Und Verwandte Gebiete0044-3719
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