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Conferences in 2010 updated list for the ANZ Field of Research

0806: Information Systems

RankingTitleERA Conference ID
AACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work [CSCW]42278      
AACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management [CIKM]42291      
AACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval [SIGIR]42295      
AACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology [UIST]42336      
AAmericas Conference on Information Systems [AMCIS]42387      
AAoM Organizational Communication and Information Systems [OCIS]42412      
AAustralasian Conference on Information Systems [ACIS]42485      
ABritish Computer Society Conference on Human-Computer Interaction [HCI]42575      
AComputer Supported Collaborative Learning [CSCL]42617      
AConference on Innovative Data Systems Research [CIDR]42651      
AEuropean Conference on Information Systems [ECIS]42778      
AHawaii International Conference on System Sciences [HICSS]42869      
AIEEE International Conference on Services Computing [SCC]42968      
AIEEE International Conference on Web Services [ICWS]42972      
AIEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computing [ISWC]43005      
AIEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (was VL) [VL/HCC]43053      
AIFIP TC13 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction [Interact]43607      
AInternational Conference in Business Process Management [BPM]43192      
AInternational Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering [CaiSE]43207      
AInternational Conference on Cooperative Information Systems [CoopIS]43300      
AInternational Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology [DESRIST]43314      
AInternational Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems [FOIS]43357      
AInternational Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems [CHI]43377      
AInternational Conference on Information Systems [ICIS]43402      
AInternational Conference on Information Systems Development [ISD]43404      
AInternational Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces [IUI]43424      
AInternational Conference on Security in Pervasive Computing [ICSPC]43517      
AInternational World Wide Web Conference [WWW]43847      
AInternet Measurement Conference [IMC]43854      
ANetwork and OS Support for Digital A/V [NOSSDAV]43941      
APacific Asia Conference on Information Systems [PACIS]43961      
ATangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction [TEI]44103      
BACM Conference on Electronic Commerce [EC]42280      
BACM International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems [SIGSPATIAL]42288      
BACM International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts [DIMEA]42289      
BACM International Conference on Recommender Systems [RecSys]42294      
BACM Special Interest Group on Supporting Group Work (was SIGGRoup) [Group]42326      
BACM Workshop on Web Information and Data Management [WIDM]42344      
BACM-SIGMIS CPR Conference [ACM-SIGMIS CPR]42355      
BAnnual PPIG Workshop [PPIG]42408      
BAustralasian User Interface Conference [AUIC]42509      
BAustralian Computer Human Interaction Conference [OZCHI]42522      
BAustralian Workshop on Requirements Engineering [AWRE]42554      
BBled Electronic Commerce Conference [BECC]42567      
BCollaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research [CollECTeR]42597      
BConference on Information Science, Technology and Management [CISTM]42649      
BCultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communications [CATAC]42687      
BDesign for User Experience [DUX]42703      
BDesigning Interactive Systems [DIS]42709      
BErshov Conference [PSI]42748      
BETHICOMP Conference [ETHICOMP]42749      
BEuropean Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work [ECSCW]42771      
BEuropean Conference on Information Retrieval [ECIR]42777      
BEuropean Conference on Knowledge Management [EKM]42779      
BEuropean Natural Language Generation Workshop [EuroNLG]42801      
BEuropean SPI [EuroSPI]42806      
BEuropean, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems [EMCIS]42799      
BGlobal Information Technology Management Association World Conference [GITMA]42863      
BIEEE Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics [SMC]42905      
BIEEE Congress on Services [SERVICES]42909      
BIEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing [CLOUD]42925      
BIEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference [EDOC]42977      
BIEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real-time Applications [IEEE DS-RT]42992      
BIEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Web Systems and Technologies [HotWeb]43073      
BIFIP International Information Security Conference [IFIP SEC]43107      
BInformation Systems Education Conference [ISECON]43134      
BInternational Business Information Management [IBIMA]43173      
BInternational Conference of Society for Group Decision and Negotiation [GDN]43195      
BInternational Conference on Advances in Intelligent Systems: Theory and Applications [AISTA]43213      
BInternational Conference on Business Information Systems [BIS]43242      
BInternational Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design [CSCWD]43280      
BInternational Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications [DEXA]43308      
BInternational Conference on Digital Government Research [DGO]43316      
BInternational Conference on e-Business [ICEB]43328      
BInternational Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technology [ECWeb]43330      
BInternational Conference on Email and Anti-Spam [CEAS]43332      
BInternational Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services [MobileHCI]43378      
BInternational Conference on Informatics Education and Research [ICIER]43389      
BInternational Conference on Information Resources Management [Conf-IRM]43398      
BInternational Conference on Information Systems Technology and its Application [ISTA]43406      
BInternational Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing [ICICS]43412      
BInternational Conference on Intelligent Agents, Web Technologies, and Internet Commerce [IAWTIC]43415      
BInternational Conference on Internet Computing [IC]43428      
BInternational Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications [ITA]43431      
BInternational Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management [EKAW]43433      
BInternational Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems [KES]43436      
BInternational Conference on Management of Data [COMAD]43448      
BInternational Conference on Multimodal Interfaces [ICMI]43466      
BInternational Conference on Persuasive Technology [Persuasive]43490      
BInternational Conference on Qualitative Research in IT & IT in Qualitative Research [QualIT]44993      
BInternational Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science [RCIS]43510      
BInternational Conference on the Unified Modelling Language (was UML) [MODELS]43557      
BInternational Conference on User Modelling, Adaptation, and Personalization (was AH and UM) [UMAP]43570      
BInternational Conference on Virtual Systems and MultiMedia [VSMM]43575      
BInternational Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems [Tabletop]43788      
BInternational Workshop on Web Content Caching and Distribution [WCW]43841      
BParticipatory Design Conference [PDC]43981      
BPassive and Active Measurement Conference [PAM]43982      
BSymposium on Advances in DB and Information Systems [ADBIS]44082      
BThe organizational semiotics Conference [ORGSEM]44116      
BUnited Kingdom Systems Society [UKSS]45029      
BWorld Congress on Medical Informatics [MEDINFO]45024      
CAccounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference [AFAANZ]42273      
CACM SIGCHI_NZ Conference on Human-Computer Interaction [CHINZ]42309      
CAdvances in Information Systems [ADVIS]42367      
CAnnual Conference of the International Academy for Information Management [IAIM]42395      
CAnnual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute [DSI]42406      
CApplications of Natural Language to Data Bases [NLDB]42418      
CAsia Information Retrieval Symposium [AIRS]42430      
CAsia Pacific Research Symposium on Accounting Information Systems [APRSAIS]42439      
CAustralasia Conference on Information Security and Privacy [AISP]42474      
CAustralasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association Conference [AURISA]42508      
CAustralian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference [ANZAM]42516      
CAustralian and New Zealand Intelligent Information Systems Conference [ANZIIS]42519      
CAustralian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference [ANZMAC]42520      
CAustralian Game Developers Conference [AGDC]42533      
CAustralian Information Warfare and Security Conference [WarSec]42536      
CAustralian Institute of Computer Ethics Conference [AICE]42538      
CAustralian Workshop on Mobile Computing, Databases and Applications [MCDA]42553      
CBody Sensor Networks [BSN]42569      
CConference on Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management [AAIM]42637      
CConference on Information Sciences and Systems [CISS]42650      
CConference on Office Information Systems [SIGOA]42653      
CData Semantics in Web Information Systems [DASWIS]42692      
CDigital Arts and Culture [DAC]42714      
CDigital Games Research Conference [DIGRA]42716      
CDistributed Communities on the Web Workshop [Dcw]42722      
CEuropean Conference of Information Warfare [ECIW]42767      
CEuropean Conference on e-Government [ECEG]42774      
CEuropean Conference on Information Management and Evaluation [ECIME]42776      
CEuropean Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies [ECRM]42787      
CExploring Modelling Methods in Systems Analysis and Design [EMMSAD]42823      
CGame Developers Conference [GDC]42850      
CGIS Planet Conference [GISPlanet]42860      
CHealth Informatics Conference [HIC]45020      
CHuman System Interaction [HIS]42878      
CIEEE Conference on Electronic Commerce Technology (merger of CEC and EEE) [CEC]42900      
CIEEE European Conference on Web Services [ECOWS]42912      
CIEEE International Augmented Reality Toolkit Workshop [IARTW]42918      
CIEEE International Conference on Digital EcoSystems and Technologies Conference [IEEE DEST]42937      
CIEEE International Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services [EEE]42940      
CIEEE International Conference on Peer to Peer Computing [P2P]42961      
CIEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing Applications [SOCA]42967      
CIEEE International Symposium on Web Systems Evolution [WSE]43006      
CIEEE Symposium on Advanced Management of Information for Globalized Enterprises [AMIGE]43030      
CIEEE Workshop On Mobile Computing Systems And Applications [WMCSA]43076      
CIEEE/IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing [EUC]43089      
CIFIP Working Conferences on Virtual Enterprises [PRO-VE]43111      
CIndustrial Simulation Conference [ISC]43123      
CInformation Integration and Web-based Applications and Services [IIWAS]43127      
CInformation Security Workshop [ISW]43133      
CInformation Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia [IRIS]43135      
CInnovative Internet Computer Systems [IICS]43147      
CInstitute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference [ISBE]43148      
CInteraction [Interaction]43159      
CInternational Conference on Advanced Information Management [IMS]43205      
CInternational Conference on Advanced Language Processing and Web Information Technology [ALPIT]43208      
CInternational Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions [ACHI]43211      
CInternational Conference on Advances in Infrastructure for Electronic Business, Science, and Education on the Internet [SSGRR]43212      
CInternational Conference on Arts and Technology [ArtsIT]43233      
CInternational Conference on Cloud Computing [CloudCom]43248      
CInternational Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networks, Applications and Worksharing [CollaborateCom]43250      
CInternational Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications [CISIM]43278      
CInternational Conference on Computing and Informatics [ICOCI]43289      
CInternational Conference on Creating Connecting and Collaborating through Computing [C5]43302      
CInternational Conference on Digital Content, Multimedia Technology and its Applications [IDC]43315      
CInternational Conference on Electronic Commerce [ICEComm]43329      
CInternational Conference on Enterprise Information Systems [ICEIS]43339      
CInternational Conference on Enterprise Information Systems and Web Technologies [EISWT]43340      
CInternational Conference on Enterprise Integration and Modelling Technology [ICEIMT]43341      
CInternational Conference on Entertainment Computing [ICEC]43342      
CInternational Conference on Health Informatics [Healthinf]45021      
CInternational Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism [ENTER]43391      
CInternational Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty [IPMU]43397      
CInternational Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis [ISAS]43403      
CInternational Conference on Interaction Sciences: Information Technology, Culture and Human [ICIS]43425      
CInternational Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services [ICIW]43427      
CInternational Conference on Legal Knowledge-based Systems [JURIX]43440      
CInternational Conference on Multimedia Modelling [MMM]43465      
CInternational Conference on New Trends of Information and Service Science [NISS]43477      
CInternational Conference on Next Generation Web Services Practices [NWESP]43478      
CInternational Conference on Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web [RuleML]43514      
CInternational Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies [SAMT]43519      
CInternational Conference on Semantics Knowledge and Grid [SKG]43520      
CInternational Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics [ICSRIC]43546      
CInternational Conference on Systems Thinking in Management [STM]43547      
CInternational Conference on Technology and Business Management [ICTBM]43548      
CInternational Conference on Visual Information Systems [VISUAL]43577      
CInternational Conference on Web Engineering [ICWE]43580      
CInternational Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies [WEBIST]43581      
CInternational Conference on Web-Age Information Management [WAIM]43161      
CInternational Forum on Applied Wearable Computing [IFAWC]43610      
CInternational Information Technology in Regional Areas Conference [ITiRA]43621      
CInternational Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications [ICETE]43625      
CInternational Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences [ISCIS]43674      
CInternational Symposium on Information Processing [ISIP]43694      
CInternational Symposium on Intelligent and Interactive Multimedia: Systems and Services [KES IIMSS]43697      
CInternational Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics [SISY]43699      
CInternational Symposium on System Synthesis [ISSS]43724      
CInternational Web Conference [IWC]43738      
CInternational Workshop on Advanced Architectures and Algorithms for Internet Delivery and Applications [AAA-IDEA]43746      
CInternational Workshop on Business Process Design [BPD]43754      
CInternational Workshop on Business Process Intelligence [BPI]43755      
CInternational Workshop on Business Process Modelling, Development, and Support [BPMDS]43756      
CInternational Workshop on Enterprise and Organizational Modelling and Simulation [EOMAS]43772      
CInternational Workshop on Enterprise Networking and Computing in Health Care Industry [HealthCom]45022      
CInternational Workshop on Entertainment Computing [WEC]43773      
CInternational Workshop on Formal Methods for interactive Systems [FMIS]43776      
CInternational Workshop on Interactive Entertainment [IDET]43796      
CInternational Workshop on Mobile Commerce and Services [WMCS]43802      
CInternational Workshop on Modelling, Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems [MSVVEIS]43805      
CInternational Workshop on Multimedia Data Storage, Retrieval, Integration and Applications [MDSRIA]43806      
CInternational Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Information Systems [PRIS]43812      
CInternational Workshop on Quality of Information Systems [QOIS]43816      
CInternational Workshop on Software Technology for Augmented Reality Systems [IWSTAR]43833      
CInternational Workshop on the Web and Databases [WebDB]43837      
CInternational Workshop on Web Information Systems Modelling [WISM]43842      
CInternationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik [DITW]43852      
CInternet Research [AOIR]43855      
CInternet Society Conference [INET]43856      
CInteroperating Geographic Information Systems [INTEROP]43857      
CJoint Conference on Information Sciences [JCIS]43874      
CJoint International Conference on CyberGames and Interactive Entertainment [CGIE]43879      
CKnowledge Acquisition, Modelling and Management Workshop [KAW]43887      
CLatin American Conference on Informatics [CLEI]43895      
CLatin American Web Congress [LA-WEB]43897      
CMining for Enhanced Web Search [MEWS]43917      
CMultimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems (was Multimedia Content Analysis, Management and Retrieval) [MCA:AS]43926      
CNational Conference on Computer and Information Systems [NCCIS]43934      
CNational Health Informatics Conference [NHIC]45023      
CNew Zealand Game Developers Conference [FUSE]43946      
CNorwegian Computer Human Interaction [NORDCHI]43954      
COrganisations and Society in Information Systems Workshop [OASIS]43959      
CPacific-Asia Workshop on Electronic Commerce [PAWEC]43971      
CPan Pacific Conference on Information Systems [PPCIS]43975      
CSIGIR workshop: Stylistic Analysis of Text For Information Access [Style]44038      
CSymposium on Information Technology and Information Systems [ITIS]44091      
CSymposium on Requirements Engineering for Information Security [SREIS]44098      
CUK Academy of Information Systems Conference [UKAIS]44134      
CUnited Kingdom Virtual Reality Special Interest Group Conference UK-VRSIG [VR-SIG]44140      
CVirtual Reality Annual International Symposium [VRAIS]44156      
CWestern Australian Workshop on Information Systems Research [WAWISR]44172      
CWestern Decision Sciences Institute Conference [WDSI]44174      
CWorkshop on Information Hiding [INFH]44218      
CWorkshop on Security and Privacy in e-Commerce [SPEC]44246      
CWorkshop on Web Usage Analysis [WebKDD]44251      
CWorld Conference on the WWW and Internet [WebNet]44254      
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