Tri-state Netride

or, things that go "bing" in the day!

December 2000

communications tower St Andrew
It looks so real, not like a mobile phone tower at all! (St Andrews)

Ettamoggah Pub NSW
The New South Wales Version

Cowra Stop
Cowra "The good thing about the Bing carbys is they're easy to get at"

Cowra 2
Cowra "Good as new"

Torquing up
Wyong "Doesn't every bike kit contain a torque wrench?"

Wyong - the lot
Wyong: All the bikes, Steve on left, Mike's bum ("nearly done"), and Pete on right See also Pete's pics

Newcastle roundabout
Newcastle Roundabout: Note the forced grin

Newcastle bike shop
Newcastle BMW shop: Mike taking his coat off yet again

relaxing in port macquarie
Relaxing in Port Macquarie, Steve and Pete (he has an advantage - starts off pretty much legless)

wake up Pete
The best bit about waking up a hung over Pete, is that he can't chase and belt crap out of you

first stop on the Oxley view on the Oxley
The one unforced wayside stop on the trip - for the view!

stop on the Oxley
Nice place for a stop, and a quick look at those carbys again ...

Walcha - best burgers on the trip

fill the oil and check the petrol
"Fill the oil and check the petrol will ya" <ducks, runs>

One problem Thunderbolt didn't have on this way!

John at Clemmo's

Mike at Clemmo's
Proof that we made it to Brisbane!

The photographic record now skips past Sydney, Woolongong (Hammo would have broken the lens anyhow) - a testimony to the mechanic in Brisbane, as the bimmer was running fine!

Tintaldra pub
Tintaldra pub with Gary's XJ900

Mine hostess
Mine hostess, Maia, "Driven up from melbourne today boys and don't feel like cooking - steak and all the trimmings do you?"

Mike and Gary
Mike and Gary lying their way through the night!

A good time was had by all ...