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ABDC Journal Quality List Access

This is the 2013 list.

by Title

Enter all or part of a journal title

Try to avoid punctuation, including apostrophes - the list as supplied is almost totally punctuation free, and has some character set issues. Also be aware that "&" and "and" are both used in various places. Finally beware of regional spelling variations - eg "organisation" vs "organization!"


Enter ISSN

Please format the ISSN with the hyphen separator - ie 1234-5678, not 12345678


Enter ANZFoR

Four digit ANZFoR only!

Not browser specific!

This service is provided by John Lamp from the School of Information and Business Analytics at Deakin University. I can be reached at This page was last updated on 31 Jan 2014. Data is as supplied by the Australian Business Deans Council.